Thursday, February 25, 2010

same old, same old

I keep coming to my own blog to see who has updated blogs recently and each time am disgusted that the same post has been at the top of my page for over a month. Each time I see it I think, self-what super interesting thing can I post about, and the answer each time is nothing, absolutely nothing.

The past month has been a great month. There just isn't anything fabulous to write about. I started my job with Walmart in a buyers training program and am loving it. Our first 10 weeks are spent working in a local store. Some days time flies by, like when we got to spend a few hours in the bakery making valentine cupcakes, and other days just drag. After the store rotation we will rotate around several merchandising roles within buying and planning. The thought of these rotations make my marketing self very happy.

Just wanted you all to know we are alive and well...just busy. Between full time work, working with our youth program, and trying to be a good wife, not much time is left for blogging. Hopefully you are all well and this post has a shorter life-span as my most recent post than the previous one.


ps, now that I am really thinking about it...a few notable things have happened...we painted our dining room, got a great start on our own food storage, had a low-key but wonderful valentines day together, and determined I have TMJ. I guess my real excuse for no posts is simply lack of time and motivation. :)