Monday, September 22, 2008

The Joy of Finding our WARD...

You would think it would be easy to find your respective ward in "Happy Valley" now wouldn't you? That is exactly what Katie and I thought as we set out on our first Sunday together in Provo. We actually didn't have internet at the time and thus we were unable to get on to check the local chapels and meeting times. To solve this Katie decided that we should just get up early and get ready so that we can watch for people going to church....needless to say this didn't happen. We were on our way to my old singles ward when we ran into a member of the elders quorum and he told us that the "family" ward was in an hour. Obviously Katie and I ran back up to our apartment and chilled for an hour and attended the family ward. It was at 1:00. Once at the ward, I ran into a couple old mission friends and others that I haven't really talked to since my freshman year. Long story short...Katie and I have totally gotten used to the "single-student" wards that are deathly quiet....and it showed because when the meetings started and it actually got loader! There were soooo many kids running around and families with tons of kids that we were so distracted that we didn't even pay attention to the speakers or in Sunday school. After all of this we decided it would be cool to go to a "married student" ward for our last semester here at BYU.

From there we hear that the "married student" ward from our area meets at a chapel over by the football stadium. We go there the next week and see more people we know, the ward seems great, and several people come and welcome us to the ward...that is until we tell them where we live! One younger married woman tells us, "Oh you are in the wrong ward...I am taking you to the bishop's office so that we can find out where you are really supposed to go!" This ward was at 9:00. We practically got kicked out and ended up missing the rest of church so we went back to our apartment and watched "Finding Faith in Christ" (a gift from my Mission President) for our own little Sunday school lesson.

The next week was the area stake conference where over 100 stakes gathered for a video conference.

Lastly, this past week we have decided that the 10:30 ward over by Costco in Orem is our ward and we have confirmed this with We get there only to find out that there must be 20 wards having church in any given room in those two large buildings. Sadly we found out that the information wasn't up-to-date on the website and that our "Married student" ward had been moved to 2:30. We gave up and just went to another ward so that we could just go home. We met more friends there and they were excited to have us in their ward, but unfortunately we had to tell them that it was only for the day....

So now we have finally found out that church is at 2:30 (sad til 5:30) but we have yet to go there once! Hopefully this week turns out better!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

"A Sunday Afternoon..." picnicing in the colorful, fall mountains

For our wedding we were given a picnic basket, so we figured we should take advantage of our Sunday afternoon and use it. We got home from our {wrong} ward (yes, another one...that's another story), packed the basket and headed up the canyon. I loved seeing the trees. They are so beautiful this time of year. It is so much prettier than fall in California where the green leaves turn brown, shrivel up and fall. Here the red, green, yellow and orange leaves are so vibrant and beautiful. I wish the camera could have really captured the beauty! We had our picnic just past aspen grove. We loved eating our tuna sandwiches, amazing spinach salad, fresh cookies and sparkling cider out among the aspens. We had some great conversation. All in all it was a great afternoon. Thanks, Colby!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

too many pictures...

means MORE posts to come

...I just uploaded 455 pictures from the past month. I guess I never wanted to leave a moment undocumented. I will slowly be going back and filling in the gaps from over the last month. If you are interested, make sure to scroll back and check out what we have been up to.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Since moving in Colby and I have had fun with a few projects together.

Our new place has a bar instead of a kitchen table, so we needed to get BAR STOOLS. Instead of taking the easy way and just buying some good stools, we decided to save a little money and have some fun by buying unfinished bar stools at IKEA and finishing them ourselves. I ahd helped my Dad do ours a few years ago so felt confident to take on this project. We headed to Home depot and got our materials only to have them sit until we had bits and pieces of time. Slowly, but surely, our barstools are reaching the finishing stages. Hopefully they are done by the time Mom and Dad are here!!

(after applying primer and 1st coat of wood stain)

Before we were married Colby found a GREAT deal on strawberries at Sam's so bought them to make FREEZER JAM. He cored them and froze them so we could make the jam together. This past weekend we made 9 jars of amazing freezer jam. Half was strawberry and the other half was a fresh raspberry and strawberry mix. YUM...

Honeymooning in Mexico

Our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta was so perfect. We had a great balance of pure relaxation paired with some fun adventures. Sorry for the picture overload. I take way to many and don't know how to eliminate...oops.

We stayed in a two bedroom condo at Villa Del Palmar Flamingos for 7 days. The room was phenomenal and the view was spectacular.

The beach just feet from our hotel.One of our planned activities was to go scuba diving. Colby was certified through a BYU class and REALLY wanted to go. All I had to do was take an hour long resort class to be able to go with him.
SCUBA DIVING, Los Arcos (behind us), my first dive and Colby's first ocean dive. I was slightly nervous...ok, terrified about this at first. After going 2 feet under I had to come back to the surface to reconvince myself. But once I went down (about 50 feet) it was fabulous. I am so glad Colby talked me into this!

Colby all ready to go!
My scuba instructor found a blow fish and made it puff up. He wanted me to hold it. It was unbelievably prickly. Pretty sure this was illegal. oops...shhhhhWe saw several colorful fish, eels, starfish and puffer fish. Pretty neat. Check Colby's form out. Nice. After the dives we wondered the city. We ate at PIPIS mexican grill, which was suggested by a friend, and it was to die for. The food was excellent and the drinks were so refreshing and large!

We didn't want to head back quite yet, so ended up catching a movie down town. We both got in for under 10 bucks. We loved this so much we actually came back another time to the movies.MY 21st BIRTHDAY!! Colby made today PERFECT. I woke up to breakfast in bed; French Toast, eggs, bacon and strawberry banana juice. (Yes I know I look just fabulous in this pic, thanks, and yes, I AM sporting the Jergensen Fam reunion tshirt on my honeymoon. represent.)

The rest of the day was spectacular. We took it easy and just hung out at the beach. Colby was in love with the waves and salty water. These were both relatively new to him. ;)
Colby made me a wonderful steak dinner for my birthday and then surprised me with a birthday cake. Being perfectly honest, I was really sad that I wasn't going to have a cake for my birthday. I mean, what is a birthday without a cake... (ok, I know, a little spoiled)? I had basically accepted the fact that I wouldn't get a cake and was trying to cope with it. After getting ready though, I came out of the room and caught Colby in mid cake preparation. Seriously, it made me cry (the good kind of cry of course...I think Colby is still getting used to tears meaning good things. ) With the help of my Mom Colby brought a just add water, microwavable cake and made me the happiest girl ever! Thanks, love!
Colby coming in after one of the zip-lines in the Los Veranos canopy. We went on 14 zip-lines total. The longest one was about 320 meters long and 180 meters high. It was pretty sweet. We climbed, hiked and zip lined through the canopy.Me, enjoying the ride. Later I got to ride upside-down and backwards. I was attached to a guide who let me lean backward and let go with my hands as I soared through the canopy. So exhilarating.
Colby was told that the sealed crackers in his double-buttoned pockets wouldn't be a problem with the monkeys. . . the picture says otherwise.
After stopping by the flea market one more time, we crossed some sketchy bridges among the locals.
On our last evening in Puerto Vallarta, Colby took me to an amazing restaurant, Vista Grill. It was one of those with super small, but amazing tasting servings. It was up on the hill overlooking the entire bay and city. We got there just before sunset and got to eat and chat while the sun was setting and into the night. It was so perfect!
After checking out, we went to spend our last hour or so in the ocean before our flight left. Sadly, that was cut short when i got stung by a jellyfish. OUCH! Colby thought I was kidding when I started flailing my arms in the air screaming I was being stung... maybe I was a little over dramatic...

Monday, September 8, 2008

busy, busy, busy

So, I definately have SLACKED majorly in blogging, but hey, I think getting married is a good excuse for anything now a days. ;) So here is a quick run down of my life over the past month. Hopefully I will be able to write more about all of this and get some fun pics up.

going back to mid august...
*Mitch and I both were able to receive our endowments in the Redlands temple and were blessed to have many family members and friends there. It was a wonderful experience!
*Became MRS. COLBY HEINER. I married the love of my life in the San Diego temple on August 15th. It was a beautiful experience and I was again surrounded by many family members and friends. After several pictures we had a luncheon then headed back to Hemet for a fantastic reception put on by my parents. Everything was perfect. We ended up staying at the reception longer than planned because it was so fun. We headed to Los Angeles that night.
*Traveled with my HUSBAND to Puerto Vallarta for a week long honeymoon. It was fabulous. Colby had planned some great activities including SCUBA DIVING and a ZIP LINE course through the jungle canopy. Both were so fun. We had some great dinners at our large condo/hotel room and eating out. The last night we went to a beautiful restaurant looking over the city and bay. It was wonderful.
*Turned 21!! yeah! This happened while in mexico. To be honest, I was a little sad about being away from home. This was my first birthday away, but it was wonderful. Colby made it a wonderful day. He even surprised me with a cake, which I thought there was no way we could have one and made me a steak dinner. Isn't he amazing!
*Returned home and opened some great wedding gifts, packed the excursion and headed back to provo to move into our apartment.
*Arrived at midnight to Provo on monday and took all our stuff up to our third story apartment that night. We even got our matress and through it on top of the excursion so we could have a place to sleep. Interesting adventure.
*after only being in Provo for a day, left our home full of boxes and went to WYOMING! It was such a fun and needed trip. I had been there before, but everything was covered in 4 feet of snow. I saw a completely different type of beauty this time. We hearded cattle, bailed and bagged hay (some participated in this more than others ;)...), picked raspberries and wild service berries, went to Jackson Hole and saw what some say is the "real" side of the Tetons (sorry...Idaho side still wins in my book), 4 wheeled up a beautiful canyon, ate the best milkshake ever from the Red Barron (BLACK raspberry...not to be mistaken for red raspberry. oops.) and got to spend wonderful time with my new FAMILY! They are great. Thanks for it all!
*Returned to Provo in time for most of the BYU football game.
*Almost successfully moved into our new place
*Colby and I both started our last semester at BYU. We have two business classes together!
*Got a job at the Gap!!
*began wedding returns. . .

Thanks to everyone who has made this past month so memorable! If anyone has wedding pictures, please send them to me.


*Apply for graduation
*find FULL-TIME, real life jobs
*finish wedding returns...will this ever really be done
*get wedding pictures back
*hang stuff on walls
*send Mitch off at the Missionary Training Center