Sunday, July 19, 2015

San Francisco Zoo

Hudson relates the word "zoo" with Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, which honestly, most of the time we don't even look at the animals.  So when we decided to go to the San francisco Zoo yesterday, we simply said "we are going to see the animals!"  He was so excited.  He now knows that is what a zoo is.  Hopefully when we visit the animals at Happy Hollow next time he isn't disappointed.  He was so excited with every animal.  His favorites were the giraffe (first animal he saw), the zebra, gorillas, the Lion, and hands down his most favorite was the Hippopotamus. Colby was thrilled to see the kangaroos and I personally enjoyed the Polar Bear. He spotted the hippo when we were looking at the rhinos, and ran over with Colby.  It was under water and hudson watched as it came up from the water countless times.  When we finally convinced him to leave, he just kept running back.  He talks now about how the hippo came up to say hi, but didn't really say anything because animals don't talk.  It's pretty cute.  Hallie was perfect, and it was fun to watch her watch her surroundings.  When we were by moving animals, she was totally watching them.  She was all smiles the majority of the day, with the exception of the 5 minutes before her nap.  I'd say the most challenging part of the day was when we were in the "North America" section, they had a train that circled around.  Hudson was determined to watch the train every time.  He wanted to ride it, but thankfully he has recently picked up on the concept of tickets, so we simply explained that we didn't have a ticket, so we couldn't. After 4 hours of watching animals, we ended at the awesome play area.  He was a little daredevil, climbing across plank bridges, flying down the "zip line" type thing and crossing what he called "the crocodile."  He had the best time.  And then it got even better, because then we headed over to the golden gate bridge.