Saturday, December 11, 2010


Of all the things I am grateful of, Family is always top of mind when it comes to a "Thankful list."  While they have always been on top of that list, they have become even more important over the last few years as I have lived outside of my parents home.  Now that i am not in constant contact with them, I realize how much I have learned from them and how the person I am today is due greatly to what I have learned from each of them.  Each member of my family, Jergensen and Heiner side, has special talents and gifts and i love the bond we all have.  I was lucky to be able to have the Jergensen side of the family come visit for a week over their Thanksgiving break to be with me and Colby.  It was such a great, memorable week.  Yes, I will never forget the image of wall to wall mattresses in our extra room with 3 people piled on top, the cold showers I would take because our little water heater wasn't made to heat water for 8 showers, or trying to create a table that would seat all 8 of us for our Thanksgiving feast, but most importantly, I won't forget the conversations we had, the laughs we shared and relationships we built upon.  Thanks, family, for a great week.  Can't wait for  you to come back someday!

Here is a photo story of what we spent our time doing. 

We did a lot of eating... a little exercising...

Thanksgiving Feast

Hanging out at the house playing Jenga

Happy Birthday Nathan.  You made it just in time so we could all celebrate the special day together!

Bowling was a blast.  The below picture shows a true image of "like mother, like daughter." Identical bowls from form to final shot.  Unfortunately it was a gutter for both. Pretty funny though.

What is a visit to Arkansas without the Walmart tour? 

Lindsey and I had some fun experimenting with the camera.  See my favorites on my new photography blog,

Family--It was a blast having you here.  Hope to see you sooner rather than later.  Love you all. xoxo.