Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Day

Here at the Heiner's we really had an enjoyable Valentine's Day.  Low key and perfect. We commented on how different our Valentine's day is now with a little one. Not bad, just different.  It was fun to have a new Valentine this year. :) We had discussed dinner plans, and decided that we will keep up with our plan of not going out to eat on Valentine's Day.  It always seems so crowded, so we have normally eaten in and gone out during the following weekend.  Well, Wednesday night we decided we should try to go to Cafe Rio.  It sounded good, but probably wouldn't have the crowds.  Then we realized macaroni grill, my favorite (and we haven't eaten there in probably 4 years as there wasn't one near us in Arkansas), was right across from cafe rio, so we decided to go there.  So much for avoiding restaurants.  Ha.  The 405 was so busy, and we once again questioned why we were trying this.  Hudson slept the 50 minute drive for his evening nap, which was perfect.  We had called ahead, so only had to wait about 10 minutes when we got there.  We fed hudson baby food at the table, then a bottle, so we all got to enjoy eating ay Macaroni Grill--ha! We split a pasta dish and had salads.  It was a good, simple meal, and great to be out with my two loves.

We came home, and put Hudson to bed (we thought he would fall to sleep on the way home, but since it was about 15 minutes back, he was still wide awake) around 9:30, the latest he's gone down in a long time, and enjoyed our evening at home.

Colby was the sweetest and hid little "love notes" around the apartment for me...under my hard drive, in the silverware drawer, on the changing table. It made for a happy wife.  It's amazing the simple, yet meaningful things that can be done even on a tight budget.  In years past, gifting has been about going and buying something nice, yet as we were discussing past years, we could hardly remember gifts we had given or received.  I think the no spending money on gifts things is a great way to go, regardless of budget! Much more sentimental and memorable.

Hope you each had a great Valentine's Day.  Here's a little lovin' from our newest Valentine!