Friday, March 12, 2010

Tickle my Ivory Keys

I had a love/hate relationship with piano growing up. I loved when I could play beautiful pieces on the piano, but hated the practicing. Now that I am on my own and not being "forced" (ok, that word is a little harsh) to take lessons, I really wish I had a piano to play around on. Colby and I have been looking around on craigslist for several months for a piano. We found a few that would work okay, but always passed them over because we had no where to put it. Now that we are in a house a piano is more of a realistic idea. While Darren and Brittany were here Colby found a piano online for sale about 15 miles away. We hurried over to see it and with Brittany's help I was able to decide make a decision to buy it. It is a 1987 Baldwin upright console piano with minimal aesthetic damage. The sound quality is great, besides needing a good tuning. Luckily (for us, not Darren) we had some extra helping hands this weekend so Colby and Darren were able to move it into our home. I absolutely love having a piano and find myself practicing daily...something I never thought would be the case years ago.

I am grateful for the years of lessons my parents paid for and pushed me through as a child. Hopefully I can get back to the level I used to be.

Painting away

After a little indecisiveness, we now how three layers of paint (four on one small section) on the bottom layer of our dining room, and a new look to the room. We love the change. Everything was much too bland before when the whole room was the light tan color of the upper section. We planned on doing this from the beginning, but figured we could do it ourselves rather than paying our painter $150 for an extra color change.

Friday, March 5, 2010

sunny days

Nothing beats getting off work at 12:30 on Friday and being able to drive home with music blasting and the windows down. I love warm, sunshiny days. If only it would last. The weekend forecast isn't looking so promising.