Sunday, December 16, 2012

We did it!!

We, yes, we, survived the first quarter of grad school. While Colby was a rockstar attending classes, studying for exams, attending recruiting dinners, balancing being a husband and father and deserves most the credit, I think I deserve at least a pat on the back for enduring his endurance. Days of him leaving at 7 am and getting home past 10 pm were no fun and all too common. Thankfully, Hudson is a good baby and good company. There were certainly nights though that I would have to stop my chatting with Colby to take a drink to wet my scratchy throat. I could certainly tell the days I had lacked adult conversation. I have made some great friends here that help me get through each day and am quickly learning to love my new life. Colby really is doing great, but is so ready for his 3 weeks off school before hitting the books hard again.