Sunday, February 17, 2008

Several of the Tibbitts cousins took a break from Utah and went to Hemet for Presidents' Day Weekend. It was so nice to take a break and forget all about school. We played outside, went to the beach, sat in the jacuzzi and ate lots of food. It was such a fun weekend!

It was fun for me to be able to bring Colby along. This was his first trip to California. With the trip came many other firsts for him: In-n-Out, seeing the ocean (besides flying over it), touching the Pacific, picking citrus fruit from a tree, etc.

The cousins at the beach. Love this picture!

Colby and me at Oceanside

Some of the guys wanted to show their manliness and run out into the ocean. I thought it just showed their ignorance of the freezing air and water. It made for a good laugh.

Colby and I were able to squeeze in a game of tennis.

Everyone (except Caitlin, Chad and Sarah) before we began our journey back to Provo. I think we were all sad to leave behind such sunny, warm weather. PS, please take note of Mitch and Adam's precious hand holding in the front.

Friday, February 1, 2008

"Super Cute Sunday"

At BYU, the first Sunday of each semester is the day all the girls (and guys) try to dress to impress. For those of you who have gone to a BYU ward, you probably will know exactly what I mean, and may have even been sucked into it yourself. Well, a couple of my good guy friends have dubbed this, "Super Cute Sunday." Jessica, Lindsey, Sarah and I thought we would go against the norm this time and wear DI dresses. Of course we didn't want to be seen as sac religious, so we kept things mild. We got several comments, mainly that our dressses were really cute. I'm sure some of the new people in the ward who don't know our personalities just thought we had really interesting taste in fashion.