Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who needs Pottery Barn

I love Pottery Barn style, always have, probably always will.  However, I am too cheap to buy stuff there.  When I found a green table cloth at the associate store for a few bucks, I knew it would become the pottery barn pillow I had my eye on.

 Pottery Barn Pillow

My version

Mission accomplished, pottery barn style. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day

Growing up I was always so jealous of my cousin's who lived in Utah and Idaho who would tell me about all the fun they had on snow days.  I guess I never stopped to realize I never got snow days because the weather was beautiful all year long.  Anyway, today I get my first SNOW DAY!!  Here in Arkansas, the concept of snow is very different than in the West.  The whole community has shut down because of about 1''-2'' of snow.  While work wasn't entirely cancelled, we were advised to take our laptops home last night such that we could just do the essential stuff from home.  You can bet that Colby and I are still sitting in our pajamas enjoying our Snow Day, laughing at the news talking about the massive snow storm to hit our area, as we think back to being in Wyoming two days ago when it snowed about 8 inches in one day and no one batted an eye over it.  Too funny--but we will take our Snow Day gladly!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

post-holiday travels

Tomorrow morning we are leaving work behind and taking off to go spend some quality time with the in-laws.  We will be between Utah and Wyoming and really looking forward to getting time with them.  While all the Arkansan's are enjoying the predicted snow here Sunday-Tuesday, we will hopefully be surviving the multi-feet of snow we are headed too--let's just pray our little Arkansas  airport can get our plane off the ground in the snow. :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

photography blog update!

I was able to take more newborn photos the weekend before Christmas and finally got them edited.  As I went to post them I decided to make some changes to the look of my photography blog while testing out Adobe Illustrator, my Christmas gift from Colby!!  I would love you all (I guess I am assuming people actually still read this blog even though I have slacked in posting...maybe that's a bad assumption...if you are reading, you will have to let me know) to head over and check it out.  I am still learning, but loving exploring the art of photography.

New Year, New Beginning

I have never been big into the new year's resolution thing.  Maybe it has to do with me not being the best as setting goals.  I remember in college sitting in a class and being told that

"A goal not written down is merely a wish".  

That really struck me and I have remembered it ever since.  I find myself occasionally writing down small goals in the margins of my notebook at work, church, etc.  As the new year has approached, I have thought a lot about goals, and though I have failed at writing them down, I am looking forward to starting with a clean slate this year.  2010 was a fabulous year and I created many great memories, but I feel we left a lot of potential memories on the table.  When I reflect back on the year, I realize how much time was spent sitting at work or sitting at home recovering from work.  Colby and I have discussed this and want to really do better at using our free time wisely.  We constantly look back on our college years and remember feeling so pressed for time and realize how free we were then.  I know we feel busy now, but I know someday we will look back at this time and realize how much free time we truly did have.  If i were to commit to even one goal for the new year, it would simply be to make better use of our time.  I want to fill my free time with developing hobbies, studying scriptures, spending quality time with Colby, being a better friend/family member, and the list could go on and on. 

So here is to the new year.  2010 went out all to quickly, and I want to make the best of 2011 because I know it will go by just as fast. Happy New Year to each of you!