Sunday, October 6, 2013

San Francisco--Alcatraz and Golden Gate

August 24th

It was fun to get back into San Francisco and take the boat out to Alcatraz.  Alcatraz is a place I have heard of for years, and when we looked into tickets a month ago and saw how early in advance you had to get them, I wasn't sure it would happen.  But, while I was in Idaho, Colby got online and booked tickets for us!

Our tour was at 11:00, which was perfect.  We could get up at a normal time, do breakfast, get ready, and have Hudson take his nap in the car, which was ideal so he would be rested for the tour.  The boat ride out was fun as we sat on the top deck and watch some of the world cup boats practicing.  Once at Alcatraz we ate lunch down on the boat landing, then headed up for the audio tour and guest lecture of one of the biggest breakout attempts at Alcatraz.  It was crazy to be in the prison--it was nothing like I had imagined--and so tough to imagine being a prisoner there confined to that island in a cell.  They could see and hear the great city life, but were locked away unable to participate.  It was interesting to learn a lot of the different stories and hear how the criminal there were never initially sentenced to Alcatraz, but were those who had tried to escape their prisons, so were sent here where it was harder to escape.  It was also interesting to learn that the warden allowed hot showers for the inmates, such that they couldn't get used to the cold water, making an escape across the bay easier.

boarding the ferry
 the base of Alcatraz island
 Ready for lunch...Hudson and the bird. Pretty sure both were fed quite well. 
 The Yard with GGB in background
 I think Hudson enjoyed being outside and having the wind blow in his face
 inside solitary confinement, luckily with the door open.  I stepped inside and they closed the door for a bit to show how dark it was.  Quite eery. 
 San Francisco Financial District and Bay Bridge
 Main Cell Blocks
 Dining Hall
(photo taken with a backdrop as we boarded...this is a picture of that picture, which no, we weren't supposed to take. whoops.) 

 Following Alcatraz, we headed across the Golden Gate because I was wanting to get photos of the Bridge from the Northwest lookout spots. We started by going way up high.  It was cool to see it from so far away and be above the clouds.  We headed back toward the bridge and stoped at two other spots.  the final stop we parked the car and had to walk out a way to a landing.  It was super windy, but Hudson was a good sport.  By the time we were to this bottom spot, the fog was clearing out nicely.  So glad we did this! The views did not disappoint.

 On our way home, we stopped at the grocery store to buy some whole milk for Hudson!  Looks like he was already excited for the transition!!