Sunday, May 22, 2011


--Finally I Get to Get in on the Fun!

You may remember that Colby had a few river adventures last year, but I never got to go on them.  He promised to take me this year and we had a blast.  After post-poning the trip several weeks in a row due to massive amounts of rain, we hit the river on a gorgeous day and are so glad we waited.

We conoed several miles down the Buffalo and stopped for a little cliff jumping and to see the highest waterfall between the Rockies and the Appalachians. The views along the way were breathtaking.  We had great company (and wished some others of you could have joined) and only swamped the canoe twice.  :)  Swamped, for those of you who aren't as experienced in this type of adventure, {I had no idea what this meant 2 weeks ago} means tipped over. And, no, this wasn't on the rapids--we were pro on those--this was getting back into our canoes in unmoving, 2 feet deep water with 40 people watching. Fab.

Enjoy some pictures.  Unfortunately they don't do the beauty of the place justice.

Monday, May 2, 2011

New York

Colby just booked tickets to NYC and we are stoked to go explore the city.  I went once as a high schooler with my fam and Colby has never been.

Did I mention we are excited!

We will be there 5 days in June and know it will be a whirlwind of a trip.

Since neither of us have had to plan a trip there before, I am desperate to hear from those of you who have been and have great recommendations of places to see, restaurants/cafe to eat at, and things to do.  Seriously, the more suggestions the better.  We are willing to spend a little, but would prefer to keep it more as a budget-friendly trip if at all possible.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

New York, here we come.