Saturday, September 4, 2010


A week ago now I was in California with most of my favorite people--my family--this was our first time all being together since our wedding 2 years ago. Mitch just returned home from his Paris France mission and Brad was preparing to leave. Their time home only overlapped 6 days, so Colby and I made sure to be there. It was a non-stop, crazy hectic but totally relaxing, laughing so hard til your face hurts/ crying til all your mascara is on your shirt, never forget kind of weekend. You know it has been a great trip when you return home needing a vacation from vacation.

We did many fun things: Boating with Dad, Padres Baseball game, shopping for 9 family members for coordinating outfits for fam pictures (ok, not the most fun, but still memorable), family picture with fabulous Carolyn, beach day, dinners, Settlers games, and wrapped it all up with Mitch and Brad's homecoming/farewell talks in church and a family dinner/gathering with all of our great southern california relatives.

I love being with family and creating memories together. I have been a little homesick this week as I have been back in Arkansas, 100s of miles away from both sides of our family. Seeing Lindsey and Andrew so much taller than they used to be and listening to Brad and Mitch give such beautiful talks and hearing about Nathan's new endeavors with work and Dental school really made me want to be closer to the epicenter of it all. Someday.

Brad has now entered the MTC and is preparing to teach the gospel in Washington in Spanish. He has matured so much and has such a love for the gospel. He will be a great missionary (following in the footsteps of Mitch and Nathan).

Here's to a great family!