Monday, July 28, 2008


Last week I went up to utah for about 66 very quick hours. Somehow Colby and I have managed to have been together for less than 3 weeks since being engaged 3 months ago. My last trip up to Utah was to take my bridals (and being able to see colby was an added bonus). My photographer is Haley, at Haley Ann Warner Photography. She does AMAZING work! I had so much fun working with her and can't wait for her to come to california and take our wedding pictures. She posted a few on her blog if you want to check a few out.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Colby's first post

Hey everyone...this is Colby, Katie keeps asking me if I will write something on the "blog" but I am usually content with just reading it; afterall it is Katie's blog right? Some of you (including Katie) are most likely wondering what it is that I do...especially if you are reading Katie's blog and realize that the wedding stuff is pretty much in Katie and Regina's hands. Let me set the record straight: I actually helped put the first 50 wedding invitations together, that is after Katie let me know several times that I was doing it ALL wrong....its amazing to me how she can just have these little visions in her mind of exactly how she wants something...that particular fact is still what amazes me the most that she said yes to me when I proposed!

So that about sums it up with wedding planning for me, but I have had the wonderful opportunity to work out housing, car insurance, and a myriad of other things to "look" into. I really have enjoyed getting things done and I especially enjoyed my time the past two weeks with Katie at Lake Havasu and in Hemet! It's kinda rough being here in P-town and just hearing from Katie on the phone, many times late at night when neither of us are working on anything. For instance last night, Katie called me long after I was asleep and I suppose I rambled on for a few minutes and finally Katie told me to go back to sleep and she would just call back in the morning...I think we both fail to realize sometimes that there is still an hour difference in time between the two of us.

Regardless of anything bad that I have said, I love Katie and cannot believe that I have talked her into marrying me! This has been the quickest summer that I have ever had, even with her taking off to Europe for eight weeks. Only 28 more days til the wedding! I hope to meet many of you there!

Summer Grilling

After Mitch grilled hot dogs tonight, I had a sudden craving for grilled pineapple like they have at Tucanos. Lucky for me, mom was at the grocery store so I called and she brought home a pineapple. These are so simple and delicious.


1 cup brown sugar
1 cup water
fresh pineapple

cut and soak the pineapple. put it on the grill. enjoy!

while I was out there, I saw our fresh peaches and tried to grill those too. I think they turned out pretty good. I cut them in half, sprinkled a cinnamon/sugar mix over them and then poured a little of the brown sugar glaze from the pineapple on top. I put them face down on the grill then flipped them. They were warm and carmelized. They kinda reminded me of a peach cobbler. YUM!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I love to see the temple...

...I'm going there someday.

While Colby was in town we took an afternoon and went down to San Diego. Colby had never seen the San Diego temple and we wanted to go to it together before we get married there in a month. It was so neat to go there with him. More so than ever I noticed how separate from "the world" the temple is. It is right off the freeway, but you can hardly even hear the traffic. It is so peaceful and beautiful. It just felt so right being there with Colby. After we did "our errands" in San Diego (looking for a luncheon place) we drove by the temple at night. It is such a breath taking sight. The sight of it was equal to a lot of the things I saw in Europe. I can't wait to go inside and be sealed to Colby in a month!


I had my cousin Rebecca make my announcements for me. I am so excited. I love them so much! She had everything printed and shipped here so we can assemble them. Once the ribbon gets here, we will be having an announcement assembly line set up...good FHE activity I am sure. :) So, be ready. Yors is probably coming in the mail soon. I just got the finalize picture emailed to me from Chad and Sarah. I really think it turned out great. I would post it, but that would just spoil all the fun!

Colby with the family

I have just loved watching Colby interact with my family. Really, he fits in so well. I was able to capture a few of their bonding moments on camera.

I walked into my room one night and saw this. Colby, Brad and Mitch all on mine and Lindsey's bed. So funny.

At the office with Dad. Everyone knows that they shouldn't expect to walk into that office without Dad at least looking in your mouth. Colby was lucky enough to get an official look while in the chair. Talk about "bonding"...or in this case de-bonding as Dad removed his bent permanent retainer. (sorry...lame joke; i couldn't resist)

Colby looks a little nervous. He may have enjoyed asking my Dad for permission to marry me more than this meeting. :)

What better male bonding is there than working on a car. Instead of taking Brad's car in to get the worn down break pads replaced, Colby decided he would teach Brad how to do it. It took a few hours, but I think they enjoyed it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

one of my favorite places


. . . and this time, my favorite person got to come!!! Colby was able to come and spend a week with my family at the lake. It is so fun for me to watch him interact with my family. They all love him so much and he fits in so perfectly! We were there for the 4th of July, which I LOVED! We didn't go down to the water to watch the fireworks this year because it was SO crowded and full of crazy people, but they were still so pretty. Nothing beats a weekday 4th when you can sit on the dock and watch the fireworks and their reflection in the water. oh well...another year. We survived the almost 120 degree weather and I was even able to get somewhat tan.

Colby's Favorite thing

Tubing! So it kinda turns into a competition in my family who stays on longest. I never fell off the tube the whole trip. yeah, maybe i sit on the tube like a girl...but no one is stopping the guys from doing the same thing!

Colby ready to Wakeboard

Brad and Nathan ready to fly off the tubes. Actually, they probably held on. crazy boys.