Monday, September 14, 2015

The Story of the Nighttime Visitor

Last night, I was having a crazy dream where I was with Hudson, and we were running around a parking structure trying to avoid some crazy bees that would kill you in an instant if they stung you.  It was pretty intense.  Once I started to come to and I realized that it was just a dream, my heart started to calm.  But then I heard what I could have sworn was a bee landing on the foot of the bed.  It sounded like a bug dying mid flight and landing on the covers.  I was so confused, because I had just convinced myself the bees were only in a dream, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  

But, then I thought I felt moving at the foot of the bed.  Was Hudson in bed with us (as unfortunately has become more of a frequent thing)? No, just Colby. I couldn't see Hudson. Back to sleep.  Then I FOR SURE felt something at the end of the bed.  I looked up and saw a dark figure. Smallish--smaller than Hudson for sure--so it couldn't be Hudson, but definitely bigger than anything I would want moving on my bed!!! I grabbed Colby. "Wake up!  I think there's a CAT on our bed!" I had never seen Colby jump up and turn on the light so quick, yet still be 3/4 asleep.  Sure enough, there was a disgusting cat sitting on the foot of our bed and it was starting to walk toward me. A got as close to the headboard as physically possibly and told Colby to hurry and grab it.  Heaven knows I wasn't touching it.  As far as I was concerned, we had a grizzly in our room!. Thank goodness Colby is a thinker and knew he could easily grab it by it's neck, and carry it outside without much fight.  Holy Cow.  We had a cat on our bed, and in case you thought you missed something, WE DON'T OWN A CAT! (and can guarantee we never will)

As to how it got in, we have two thoughts. Hudson and I went for a walk yesterday evening, and left the front door open as Colby was in the kitchen right there doing dishes.  We passed a similar (or identical!) looking cat on our walk and Hudson jumped off his bike and started chasing it.  It ran in the direction of our house and may have snuck in the front door.  Option 2: The garage door was up from when we got Hudson's bike out for our walk, and I didn't realize we had left it open for awhile.  The cat may have been in the garage when we closed it, and we later had the door from the garage to the house open and unoccupied as we carried laundry in from the dryer (oh, hudson wet OUR bed the previous night when he joined us at 6am, lovely, so we had change the sheets...meaning yes, that mysterious cat was on our newly CLEAN sheets. gross.) Either way, this cat was in our house for sure from 11ish till 5 when it thought it could join us in bed and was kicked out.  There was no other way for it to get in.  What it was doing and where it was for those 6 hours is beyond me, and kind of creeps me out to think of.

Hopefully this is a one time occurrence, and if nothing else, left us with a good story to tell our kids and future grandkids someday. I swear I have found cat hair around the house already and that doesn't make me too happy, but nothing too damaging so far.

Well there you have it...the exciting story of the Nighttime Visitor at the Heiners.