Friday, August 18, 2017

Logan - 4 months

Time is flying by so quickly that I didn't even record 3 months for Logan.  The pasts few months, ok, Logan's short 4- months of life, have gone so fast.  We ended up on an extended 3+ week road trip over his 3 month mark, which is where I'm placing the blame for forgetting that.  So, here goes nothing.  A lot has changed with sweet Logan over the past 2 months--which makes sense as he's doubled his age since I last recorded!

He had his 4 month check up on Monday and here's what we learned:

  • Growth Measures:
    • Weight 15 lbs 4.5 oz (45th percentile)
    • Height 26 1/4 inches (90th percentile)
    • Head circumference 16 1/4 inches (37th percentile)
  • Logan got two immunizations, which always breaks my heart. I was preparing for big tears. After the first Logan's eyes got big, then he started laughing! What?! He cried for about 3 seconds after the second then was fine. This experience perfectly describes our sweet little go-with-the-flow boy.
  • His doctor spent quite a bit of time listening to Logan's heart and informed us that he has a murmur.  He advised us to get it check.  Hudson had a murmur that when checked turn out to be nothing intrusive--just basically "cosmetic." Because of this I pushed back on this and was told it definitely needs to be checked. That's being added to my to-do list! Hopefully it isn't anything too serious!
  • We were given the green light for letting Logan cry it out in the night.  His age and weight are in a good place and he no longer should need to nurse in the night.  Best part is he advised us to have Colby check on him when he wakes in the night because he doesn't have the milk.
  • It's time to introduce solids slowly!  He won't need to be eating them daily until 6 months, but we can slowly introduce them now. This will be an adventure. 

What else is Logan up to?

Speaking of sleep, Logan was a sleeping CHAMP on our road trip, especially the last week in wyoming--consistently sleeping all night (11 hours!) with a dream feed.  Since getting home, he is waking 1-2 times a night and it is slowly killing me. He won't go back to sleep unless he is nursed.  In wyoming he had a loud fan in his room, so we are thinking that may have helped.  Wish us luck as we start night sleep training! 

As baby number three, he does not get much tummy-time...forgetfulness and loving siblings that flock to him and pounce on him whenever he's on the ground.  Despite that, he has a really strong neck and loves looking around while on his tummy.  He however can't roll over yet.  The pediatrician informed me that rolling is no longer a milestone, so no need to worry. 

We have basically given up on a pacifier and Logan has found his fingers!  He loves sucking his pointer and middle finger together. 

He loves attention and is much more interactive these days.  It doesn't take much to get a genuine smile or belly laugh.  Hudson is the best at getting him going!

Like his siblings, he is a total fish in the tub, and loves the pool as well. He kicks pretty crazily in the tub now and will stay there for 20 minutes easily. 

We've introduced the doorframe jumper and he likes it.  He isn't really jumping much, but he enjoys hanging there and playing around a little bit. 

He is still in size 1 diapers, but mainly because we still have half a box left.  He could totally wear size 2. He's barely fitting into size 3 month clothes if I want him in them, but he fits comfortable in 6 month. 

Logan loves being swaddled, being carried in the ergo, or tucked in tight to his carseat with a blanket.  He pretty much won't go to sleep unless he's in one of these settings (or the swing---which we rarely use). When swaddled, he still manages to get his hand up to his mouth, while still covered by the blanket, and into his mouth. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Logan 2 months

Logan- 2 months

Weight: 12 lbs 9.5 oz (75th %ile)
Height: 24 3/4" (90-97th %ile)
Head Circumference: 15 1/2 " (25-50th %ile) and his pediatrician gushed on how perfectly shaped his head is.  He stated that if puts a helmet on a child for reshaping, the goal is to get it to look like Logan's. :p

I don't know how to start this post other than to say that Logan is growing up so fast and time is just passing faster than I ever thought possible.  He is growing so well, which I am grateful for, but his growth just makes me want to cry as it means time is passing.
Here is what we are up to at 2 months with Logan:

Logan's biggest feat this past month was traveling with us all to Hawaii.  He was the best traveler.  Our only worry traveling with him was him getting sick, and there was no sickness so we are calling it a win!  He slept in the ergo for both 5 hour flights with the exception of nursing two times.  During the 2 weeks in hawaii he went with the flow really well, and even slept through the night a couple times on California time standards.  (slept 8:30pm to 5 am, which would be 11:30 pm california dream feed- 8 am.)

Sleeping like a champ. He takes three solid naps a day and wakes once each night after an 11 pm dream feed.  If i'm really lucky, he will skip the night feed, which he has probably done 3 times.
He has outgrown his newborn clothes and I honestly am surprised I was able to keep him in them as long as I did.  He fits comfortably in his 3 month clothes, but I can see that coming to an end soon.

Wearing size 1 diapers.  Outgrew NB diapers around 5 weeks, the earliest any of my babies have done that.  I still have a sleeve of diapers that I couldn't even pretend to make work.

Started smiling around 6 weeks and stole my heart again.  It is probably his way of thanking me for carrying him for 9 months and delivering him and keeping him fed around the clock.  His smile makes that all worth it.

Has the cutest little cooing noises.
Still deciding if he likes the pacifier or not.  He takes it if we hold it in, but doesn't really take it on his own.

Is loved on hard by his siblings.  Hudson want to hold him all the time and tries to resist his urge to wake him, but sometimes gives in.  We have to remind Hudson that Logan needs his sleep so he can grow and play with him when he's older.  He has a "special spot" on logan, that he carried over from what he told him when Hallie was a baby, and limits his kisses to Logan's top of head. Hallie just want to lay on him in the swing and kiss his lips and poke his eyes.  We've found her, usually with Hudson, a few times unswaddling Logan while he's in his crib.
Loves his swaddle (I'm kind of a swaddle master, for better or worse...) and struggles to fall asleep without being tightly swaddled.

Was a great crib napper until hawaii, and with all the sleeping in his ergo became used to that.  We do our best to have him nap in the crib, but honestly naps a ton in the swing.  He spends all his nights in his crib though, usually after being transferred from the swing.  What would we do without that swing?!? 
Nurses really well and takes a bottle almost as well.  With this being baby 3 and being on the go a lot, he averages about a bottle every other day.  Honestly I prefer bottle feeding, but don't love the pumping necessary to get the bottle.  He has yet to have formula.

Logan takes about 20-30 minutes to eat and has about 7 feedings each day (8am, 11, 2, 5, 8, 11pm dream feed, 4am).

We have been lucky to have Colby home on paternity leave since Logan was born and it has made this new addition relatively easy.  He does a lot with the older kids to allow me to take care of Logan.  it is such a blessing.  I get to enjoy Logan more than I did my others, because I've already navigated the challenges of a newborn with the others, and now can have a newborn without the worries that come with your first newborn all while feeling I have the time to really be with him, something that wouldn't normally happen with a third child.  We realize how lucky we are!