Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hudson's big moves

Such an exciting day! At 5 weeks old, Hudson rolled over from back to front, twice, and I got the second time on camera. This was right after his first smiles and "talking". Such rewarding moments. I like to think it was his apology for only giving me 4 hrs of sleep last night. He's too cute! And yes, I realize I'm such a mom now, rejoicing in these little things and plastering them all over this blog. Deal with it. :)

Forgive my proud motherly squeals and baby talk.  That's not the focus of the video. ;)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

One Month

One Month.


The time has slipped away so fast, and I don't think I like it.  Can't we just stop time for a little bit?

Hudson reached his month old mark on Friday and we can't believe it.  He is such a little angel and blessing in our lives.  While the time has certainly flown by, it also seems as if Hudson has been with us so much longer.  Funny how time can play little tricks on us like that.  We can't hardly imagine life without him.

Our love for Hudson grows each day and I constantly find myself whispering to him how much I love him and hugging him much more than he likes. I love how little he is right now and how precious he is when he sleeps. He has started eating more, which leads to nice filled out cheeks.  Its fun to see the changes, but it reminds me how he is changing each and every day, and one of these days I will wake up and have a kindergartener, high schooler, or college graduate rather than a sweet little one month old baby boy.

This first month has introduced us all to many new experiences and ways of life, including:

  • eating food way faster than is healthy out of fear that hudson will wake up any second
  • bouncing back and forth while standing, even when not holding Hudson
  • feeling like getting to bed by midnight is early
  • discussing new topics over the dinner table, such as spit up, bowel movements and other lovely things that come with babies
  • showering at 6 pm for the first time in a day because it literally was to soonest I had a chance to
  • changing outfits multiple times in a day because Hudson thought he should add some unwanted "accessories" to our clothes. 
  • being entertained starring at this little human being for long stretches of time, thinking about how perfect he is
  • sitting on the couch and watching video clips of hudson playing because he is sleeping soundly and we miss him
  • understanding what love at first sight really feels like
We love our sweet Hudson.  He is seriously perfect.  He has the cutest little face, feet and hands, and even the cutest little cry (well, not so much at 3 in the morning...).  We love his little curious facial expressions and watching him calm down instantly at the sound of running water.  We love how he is a determined little one and will fight us so hard when he just wants to be awake and we want him to sleep.  We love his long, dark hair and how curly it gets when it is wet. We love his little noises, especially during those last 20 minutes of him sleeping. We love everything about him and wouldn't trade him for the world.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aches and Pains

Wow. Today was definitely not the best day! Hudson and I came to Hemet yesterday because I have had a toothache and came to have Dr. Gray, my favorite dentist, look at it. My appointment was this morning at 10, and I went in anticipating a filling or 2. Turns out I actually need a few fillings and a root canal. Nice. Dr. Gray started to drill my tooth for a filling, and found it would need a root canal. He started the root canal, and has referred me to an endodontist to finish it. I then had my teeth cleaned and came home. As the novocaine has worn off, which I was grateful for initially because I hate that numb feeling, pain set in. Because I am nursing Hudson, I cannot take that prescription pain meds, only ibuprofen and Tylenol. It isn't quite as strong as I would like to say the least. I go to the endodontist tomorrow for the rest of the root canal. It will be good to have it taken care of, but I'm not looking forward to the pain, or the numbness, again!  

The main point of all of this is that I really am grateful that i was able to come into Hemet to have this taken care of.  I know I would have figured it out in LA, but it sure is nice to be able to come here where my Mom can watch Hudson (twice) while I am away, since I have never left him alone wiht anyone. Also, I am glad i can go to a dentist that I have a history with, who I trust, and who has a professional relationship with my Dad.  I'm afraid if I went to a dentist in LA with pain in one tooth and was told there was nothing wrong with it so they would work on another, only to find out that one needed a root canal and then that i needed to go to a specialist to have it taken care of, that I would have not trusted anything they said.  I am glad I 100% trust the things my dentist told me and that we are able to get things taken care of. While I'm not excited about the root canal tomorrow, I guess the pain of the root canal will be better than the pain of my toothache I am still experiencing. When Hudson is older, I can let him know part of his entry into this world included a nice toothache for me.  A sacrifice totally worth it for him!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beach Time Firsts

With Mom Heiner here, we wanted to attempt to do a few fun things, especially before Colby started school.  We decided a little trip to the beach would be the perfect thing.  

This was Hudson's debut trip to the beach at a ripe 2 1/2 weeks old.  When someone at the beach asked how old he was, I said "about a month."  I am pretty sure he thought i was crazy to have a baby that young at the beach.  Little did he know Hudson isn't really about "about a month."  I was hesitant about taking him at first, but figured it would be no different to sit at the beach than to sit outside at home, so we went for it.  He was in my arms the whole time and seems to have loved it. ;)

Mom Heiner had a first at the beach as well.  While she had been to the beach before, years ago, she had never been in the water.  She didn't want to go swimming with Colby, but made sure she stuck her legs in the water.  So glad we could witness this first with her.  She also was introduced to sand crabs by Colby, a discovery that he made just a few weeks ago.  I love living 10 minutes from the beach and having this fun place to get away to.  We only stayed an hour, but with it only being a 10 minute drive, its so worth it!

Grandma Heiner

We just dropped Grandma Heiner off at the airport, and we were sad to have her leave.  She arrived last Saturday, and was here through today.  She was able to be here a few days before Colby started school, and then for the first days Colby was in school where I would have otherwise been home alone with Hudson.  It was great to have an extra set of hands and ears around with Colby in school.  She was great to clean, cook, change diapers and hold a crying (and occasionally not crying) baby, and great to chat with.  I can see just from the few hours I have been home with just Hudson that it is going to be lonely without anyone else around. 

We all greatly appreciate Mom Heiner for coming down to be with us.  Hudson already loves his Grandma Heiner, I know, and we look forward to many more visits from Grandma in the future. ;) 

You can see their sweet bond in the below pic.  Just look at those smiles. :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Day

Hudson slept from 11:15 to 6:11 last night. Once again, 7 hours. We love this! Maybe our little guy knew it is a big day for his dad today so wanted to let him sleep. After over a year of preparing, Colby starts grad school today! It's crazy to think back to the days of studying to take the GMAT, having letters of recommendation written, pondering schools to apply to, filling out applications and writing essays upon essays, we are here. His orientation at UCLA starts today and goes nearly 2 weeks before he starts real classes.

Debra is in town, having arrived Saturday, and it will be good to have her here the next few days to ease me into Colby being gone. It will surely be an adjustment for it to eventually just be me and Hudson at home. This is the first time sine I went to kindergarten that I wasn't heading to school or working during fall. I am so happy to be able to stay home with Hudson but it will be a big change. I could not have had a better experience working in corporate America, and it's tough to give that up and retire, but I know that's the best thing for my little family right now.

I'm grateful for being blessed with such and amazing man as my eternal partner and husband. I wouldn't want to be starting this crazy adventure with anyone else. Unfortunately, because I love him so much, I know I'm going to painfully miss him today. Wish me luck!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Record breaking

World, Hudson has set a new personal best record! We put him down at 11:30 for the night and he slept until 6:30. That's 7 hours!! We will take that every night! Way to go, Hudson! Keep 'em coming...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hudson's First Neighborhood Walk

We attempted Hudson's first walk yesterday, knowing that he loves being in the carseat, stroller, etc.  Colby brought the stroller in from the car and we put sleeping Hudson in it, wrapped up in a blanket.  Well, we made it to our mailboxes, about 100 feet away before Hudson was screaming, I was holding him and Colby was pushing the empty stroller back to our apartment. Colby kindly let me know that that was how he saw this outing ending.  I guess I was the optimistic one who was thinking we could walk around the neighborhood across the street and I could get a little exercise in. Ha. Our word of the month is still: adjustment. :) We will learn.

Of course I was hoping for the perfect "first walk" photo.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  We do have a nice video of his screaming his lungs out when we got home though. Maybe we'll get that photo on his second first walk. :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Number 72

Hudson is the 72nd great-grandchild on my Mom's side of the family.  72. How crazy is that.  We haven't counted the other sides of family, but we know that Hudson has many wonderful relatives. While Hudson has a lot of heritage to live up to, he also has a lot of support and family who loves him dearly.  I am grateful to have brought Hudson into this world with so many people from both mine and Colby's family that do love him and us so much. I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue to expand these families and help create even more rich heritage and traditions to pass on.

 Great-Grandma Tibbitts and Hudson

Great-Grandma and Grandpa Tibbitts with Hudson

4 generations: great-Grandma Tibbitts, Mom (still not used to that title), Hudson and Grandma Jergensen