Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ok so I have been holding off posting pictures of our place because Katie and I figured that everyone would come check it out. But it has been about several months that we have lived here...I am posting pictures of our little apartment!

The walk-in closet is Katie's favorite part by far!
Here is (obviously) our bed and balcony
Here is the kitchen/living room with the barstools that we painted and stained.
There is a washer and dryer in our apartment which I think is key.

Only the strong survive?

I decided I needed to post about some of the recent job hunts but Katie has beat me to it and used some of my material! All well here it is from my point of view. I am always telling Katie that I feel like I really don't even have time for school with all of the applications/interviews/work/and more interviews and applications that we are doing every week. Unfortunately I have yet to secure a solid offer, neither has katie, but we are both making good ground.

I tend to like a quote from Charles Darwin that a particular professor continues to recite to us. "It's not the strongest that survive, but those most able to adapt." With this thought in mind I am a Finance major interested in banking...which means my prospects are lower already based on past events and whatever the next year might bring. I have decided to apply to many different "types" of jobs.

Recently I was in San Francisco for a final round interview with Accenture ( A tech. consulting firm)... I as of yet have only received emails from the head recruiter apologizing about how long it is taking. I guess they are having a hard time coming up with compensation packages and determining how many offers to give out. Here are a few pics from my adventures on my first trip to SF. The other 2 dudes are also BYU students that were there interviewing. After our interviews we headed off to see a few things in SF. It made me feel like a missionary again running around Pier 39 with suits and white shirts on.

For those that are interested here are some of my past interviews:
1. Accenture-Technology consulting
2. Walmart-Finance department
3. Bessemer Trust -assistant account manager (asset management for Ultra High net worth)
4. Oppenheimer Funds-Equity research investment banking (Semiconductor/tech. division)
5. Greenstein, Roghoff and Company-Advisory practice
6. PriceWaterHouseCoopers-transactions services or Business advisory
7. Wellington Management-Equity research (asset management)
8. Apple-Finance/operations department
9. IBM-Finance Department
10. Zions Bank-Commerical Lender (somehow missed this one)
11. Lockheed Martin-Financial analyst
12. Citibank

These are just some of the companies that I have been interviewing with...I have a fly-out this next week with Oppenheimer and I had an interview with Bessemer Trust today so only time will tell!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I just got a hilarious email from my mom about cute little Lindsey. I am trying to get her more into blogging (which she asked me to start for her) so told her to post about it. :) check it out if you want a good little laugh about my cute sister.

12 credit-hour job search

We sure have been busy lately. It has been hard to find time to just sit and relax. We have been so busy with school, work and job searching. Colby made the comment today that it is like we are taking a 12 credit hour job searching class...except they don't teach us...we just do the work. My past three days have been filled with job search stuff. Monday, General Mills Information session (which I had to leave work early to attend); Tuesday, General Mills company research and 1st round interview (squeezed between work and studying/taking a business law test) and today, 2nd round interview, personality assessment, "how would I respond to this situation" test, and a short standardized test. WOW. All for General Mills. I really am interested in the company and would love to be there. And that is just me, with only one company...I know Colby is super busy as well. He had four interviews scheduled for the week. Hopefully something works out...and hopefully those jobs can be in the same state for each of us :) Well, I'm off to work til 10:30.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gap's Give and Get...

previously known as


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Basically, I can give out

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coupons to any of my friends and family (which out course would be YOU). If you live close by I can give you a pass, otherwise Gap will email one to you if I give them your email. I need to turn in names ASAP, so comment on here and leave your email and phone number so I can get you the great discount! Come on, who doesn't want to save 30% on
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Back to the "first dates"

Saturday was such a fun night for Colby and me. We were both home that night (which has become rare for a weekend night) so decided to take advantage of it. Usually when we are both home at night without homework to do we end up cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie. I really wanted to get out and do something and Colby thought that sounded fun as well. We brainstormed a few ideas, and ended up doing "typical Provo first dates..."

We started off going to the huge park out by the freeway with a fountain just like the one on Friends and a huge spinning swing. It kinda reminds me of the swinging swings at amusement parks (minus the motor doing the footwork.) It has a tall pole in the center with branches coming out at the top with swings attached (the swings form a circle around the center). If you run around really fast while holding the swing, you can jump on the swing and then it keeps spinning around. so fun! Sorry for the bad description.

We went from there to Walmart to pick up a few art supplies. I had a friend who used watercolors on a date to paint pictures of each other and Colby had an idea to get colored modeling clay. We bought the watercolors and clay, but didn't have time to use it. :(

BYU has a huge bell tower with really bright spot lights lighting it up all night. We had heard that the lights get so hot you can roast marshmellows over them. We gathered up tin foil, hersheys chocolate, graham crakers and marshmellows and hit up the lights. It was funny, because while we were there we scared a couple or two away because we had already claimed the spot. So, apparently BYU students really do this! It was a lot of fun. Colby started asking me the typical "first date" questions like how many people are in my family, etc. It was really funny. I'm glad that I am way past that stage with him.

And, since all that went SOOO well, he even took me back to "his place" (which finally is my place too) and we watched a scary movie. So first date, right. Come on, sometimes those guys really need an excuse to cuddle. It's totally how Colby got me to cuddle with him the first time.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

thought i'd share...

So, I am a little obsessed with purses. Last night, Colby pointed out that I had 5 purses out in our front room. Oops. Well, here is a chance for us all to win a free purse. Who doesn't love free things, especially when they are PURSES!

(Thanks Liz for the head's up!)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Member of the Blogging World!

When my Mom was up here last week she mentioned she would love to have her own blog. Well, being the AMAZING daughter I am, I set one up for her. She actually hasn't even seen it yet, so don't expect posts too soon, but make sure to check it out soon and add it to your list of bloggers.

Congrats Nate and M.C.

Last Friday Nate and M.C. finally tied the knot. They are so in love and so ready to be married. I was so grateful to be able to be at their sealing. It was the first sealing I have been to since my own. Thanks, Nate and M.C. for including me. Sadly, Colby wasn't able to be there. He was busy interviewing in California. Take a look at the cute newly weds!

Gap, Inc.

I am officially employed! I have been working at the Gap for the past few weeks and have really enjoyed being there. But even more exciting than just working there...I GOT MY FIRST PAYCHECK. Granted, I would have loved bigger numbers to be on the check, but hey, I will take what I can get. :)

Job searching officially begins...

With Colby flying out to San Francisco for an interview last Friday (still trying to get him to blog about that one), information sessions, the career fair, and more interviews, Job searching is undoubtedly here. I can't believe I am to the stage in my life where I am looking for a full-time job. Being married adds a whole new twist to it though...we kinda want to stay together. Ok, actually its a requirement that we stay together (sorry Colby, you can't loose me that easy). So it makes it really hard for me to be motivated to research companies, etc. when we will probably end up where Colby gets a good offer and I will find a job there. Oh goodness...wish us luck.


I haven't had a chance to write about my amazing trip to Wyoming. I was once again amazed at the beauty of Star Valley. Last time I was there it was covered in 4 feet of snow, which was its own kind of beauty. This time the valley was green and beautiful. I could have stayed there so much longer, but was grateful for the three days we were able to spend with the Heiner parents. They were so great to us. They even let us take home raspberries. Yes, be jealous...they were to die for. Thanks Mom and Dad H!

Somehow Colby convinced me to get on the back of his motorcycle with him. Luck for me I had some good in laws reminding Colby not to scare me too much or I would never go again. Sometime I think he forgets I am a girl. All that aside was kinda exhilarating. :)

We spent one morning herding the cows that had been out grazing this summer. It was quite an experience. I even got to help a little. I was instructed to "form a wall" with Mom H to prevent them from going the wrong way. If any of them came toward me I was just supposed to wave my arms. You tell me what you would have done. Well, I got scared and just ran the other direction. Oops. Luckily it didn't cause any problems.

I had never been to Jackson hole, so we went up one evening for dinner. I am convinced the Tetons are better on the Idaho side, so we drove a little further up so they could try and sway me to liking the "true side...Wyoming" better. Sorry guys. I'm staying strong to Idaho. Granted, we didn't see them straight on.

While in Jackson we caught a glimpse of Air Force two, Cheney's plane so went and checked it out.

Picking wild service berries

Colby loading the bails of hay onto the truck. They then took them over and bagged them. It was fun to watch, but I was content being behind the camera and hanging out with Buddy, the faithful dog.

Part of the Heiner farm. Isn't it just beautiful? If you want some of it let me know...because I happen to know someone who really wants to sell part of it ;) (That's for you Mom H!)

Mom H out bailing hay.

We took the 4 wheeler up the canyon. Colby even let me drive a bit. :) Here are a few pics from that adventure:

Yes, that small thing is a snake and yes, I tried to hold it but I got freaked out.

We were mesmerized by this moose for quite some time.

At the Raspberry patch. Not sure if more are in the buckets or our stomachs at the time of this picture.
But don't worry...we made it back in time to catch 3 quarters of BYU's first football game. Go COUGARS!