Saturday, March 26, 2016

18 months-Hallie

Hallie at 18 months

Stats: on 3.28.16, 24.13 lbs, 50th percentile, 32 inches, 50th percentile.  Right on the dot for average, but we know she's waaaaay above average. ;)

Still wearing size 4 diapers. One afternoon nap from 1-3, and still using her pacifier and blankie.  She won't go to sleep without them.  She was diagnosed with an ear infection so we are putting off operation, be-rid-of pacifier until it's cleared up.  I considered taking away her pacifier a few months ago,  but with our upcoming trip to Thailand, I didn't want to send her to grandma's without the pacifier. 

At her 18 month check, with her new (and wonderful) pediatrician, he found an ear infection.  Hallie was put on amoxicillin, and after being on it for 7 of the 10 day regimen, she broke out into a horrible looking rash.  Doctor determined she is indeed allergic to amoxicillin.  The ear hadn't cleared up, and her other ear was now infected, so he put her on a z-pac and hopefully this clears both up.  
Words:  mom (Ma), dad(Da), more (muh), peek-a-boo (be boo), poop (uh, not sure how thats in her short list of vocal), bottle (ba--though she doesn't have a bottle anymore, so this has since faded out). Well, the things is, she doesn't say much in terms of words, but man, is she vocal.  She has got a set of lungs, and if she wants something, we know.  While this isn't a concern, the doctor suggested some things to help her grow her vocabulary, the biggest of which is actually just not responding to her o quickly.  We should help her better communicate by telling her what words to say, such as "water" instead of just giving her her cup when she points to the fridge.  Simple, but its amazing what she has learned in 2 weeks.  Since her appointment, she now more clearly says "bye", has learned 'belly button" (be) "thank you" (tane-doo) melts my heart) and "uh-oh" which was taught quickly so she would quit screaming when she would drop a fork, etc at the table.  This has been a wonderful word for her to know. 

Loves: shoes, babies, buckets/bags/purses to load toys in, pulling out the mixing bowls from the kitchen, being outside, the playground, dad coming home...seriously, she LOVES this, her books, crayons, outside, the fisher price car (red/yellow) and her outdoor pink grocery cart.