Saturday, October 27, 2012


I have always thought babies look adorable in Halloween costumes and have looked forward to the day I had a baby to dress up. The reality though is its a lot of work! When it turned Halloween time, I had no clue what I was going to dress Hudson as, if anything. Thankfully, Sarah saved the day when I was in Hemet and let me borrow her pea pod costume. I was going to be lazy and have Colby and me go sans costumes, but the night before our party, I came up with simple, coordinating costumes for Colby and me.

Hudson and I headed up to the institute building alone and Colby was going to meet us after school things were done. Well Hudson fell asleep on the way up, so was without costume and Colby showed up late and wasn't sure it was worth it to go grab his costume. My dreams were forever shattered. But then Hudson woke up, I fed him and Colby happily obliged to wear his costume and help get Hudson in his. Hudson, having had shots earlier was kinda pouty. He looked so sad in all the pictures, but really was quite indifferent to the whole event. Clearly a Halloween for him to remember. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

2 months

Hudson is 2 months old.  Once again I am asking myself, how has the time gone by so fast!  As I was snapping some photos today, i was looking back on the memory card and saw photos from when he was just weeks old.  He really has grown so much.  Like, so much.  He was just a scrawny little baby, and now he's definitely filling out and growing taller (longer??). People keep mentioning how much he has grown, but I honestly don't see it, except when putting on clothes that he used to swim in and realizing they should be boxed up now because they are getting too small.  It must be that I am around him so much.

Hudson is changing in so many more ways than just size.  He is becoming much more entertaining through his "talking," smiling, slight giggling and overall interaction with us.  It was fun to have Colby with him this past weekend.  For the prior 2 weekends, we had been around family, so Colby didn't have much one on one time with Hudson.  Since he is in school during the day, Colby has mainly only been with Hudson recently in the evenings when he is tired and a little fussy. When Colby was holding him this past weekend, he was blown away by how active he is and how interactive he is with those around.  He is so aware of surroundings, watching toys and especially lights.  He reacts to our smiles with big toothless grin back.  He loves to lay on the floor and kick like crazy.  He does this best in the tub and when on the changing pad.

We have his 2 month pediatrician appointment tomorrow and Im excited to see how much he has grown.  Im not so excited to have him get his shots, but I just have to remind myself its a good thing!

A couple more notable things about our little man:

  • Growth stats:
    • Weight: 13 lbs 1 oz (75%)
    • Height: 23 3/4" (85%)
    • Head Circumference: 41 cm (95%)
  • he has become a great nurser.  While he has maintained his 6 or so feedings a day, he has cut back on how long he nurses each time.  I can get a good feeding in with only 20-30 minutes, where before it was more like 1-1.5 hours. 
  • He is awake much more, and enjoys playing
  • He has an amazingly strong neck, and can easily hold it up.  When he is laying on the ground and we pull him up with his arms, his neck stays aligned with his back instead of falling back.
  • Thankfully, noise while sleeping doesn't seem to bother him unless it is a sudden loud noise
  • Still hates the carseat.  Unless he is put in right after eating and is really happy, he screams in the car sear.  We have found that if we put him in, and swing the carseat like a swing before strapping it in the car, he is a little better.  
  • He loves his swing.  He has discovered the mirror and mobile on the swing and will just stare at it.  I in turn stare at him because I think he is a genius.  Its cute to watch him swinging side to side and move his head/eyes back and forth opposite the swing to keep eye contact with the mirror/mobile
  • Speaking of mobile, I finally made the mobile for his crib.  It's fun to go in in the late morning after he has slept and see him in the awake staring at the mobile and kicking his little legs.
  • He is now in size 1 diapers, and size 3 month clothing.
  • He has become an even better sleeper.  He went 3 days in a row this week sleeping 7.5-8 hours straight at night.  Unfortunately we are still working on getting him to sleep before midnight or 1, but that will come.  
  • We are waiting for his discovery of his hands.  He is still completely oblivious to them.  He like when we hold toys for him, but has yet to reach for them or grasp them himself.
  • He LOVES his baths.  We typically leave him in the tub for 20 minutes or so while he babbles and kicks and wiggles his arms around. He;s not a fan of us turning the faucet on while he's in the tub.  It clearly scares him.  This creates a problem though as we have to add warm water to the tub since he hangs out in the water so long that it gets too cool.
  • Hudson has strong legs.  For several weeks now he "stands" on my lap if I lightly have my hands around his torso.  
  • He has very cute faces.  Some of my favorites are the furrowed brow, ultra pouty face, big smiles, and his dream land smiles while sleeping.  I have yet to catch the pouty face on camera, but its hilarious.  Very sad, but equally as cute. 
We love our Hudson so much and can't believe he's ours!  As I called the pediatrician to confirm his appointment, they referred to Hudson as "your son."  It was really strange for some reason.  It is totally normal to have "a baby" but "a son" seems to take on a different context entirely.  Its almost as if the "baby" is part of playing house, while "son" is more real-life/adult related.  It truly is crazy that Hudson is our son and ours forever!  We love him!

Friday, October 12, 2012


While visiting my parents this past weekend, we attempted a bath in the bathtub with Hudson. When we had tried it at home a couple of times, Hudson wasn't really into it, and preferred being bathed in the sink. He absolutely loved baths in the sink, but would scream when put in the tub. That definitely changed this weekend. We put Hudson in the tub and after a brief moment of shock, he kicked, splashed, giggled and smiled and loved every second. We probably had him in there for 30 minutes because we were being entertained by him.

This has quickly become a part of the nightly routine. He loves it, gets his exercise, and is completely worn out before bedtime. Perfect in my opinion. Plus, he's absolutely adorable to watch.

Movin' on up

After a day of going through four outfits, I determined it was time for Hudson to move on up--move on up in diaper sizes that is. His little newborn diapers are just too small for his growing body and increasing appetite. We tried size 1 about 2 weeks ago and they were huge on him. It's crazy how fast that can change!