Sunday, June 10, 2007


Last Monday I went into the BYU Health Center to get several shots. Before I am able to go with my parents to pick up Nathan from his mission, I had to get my vaccinations. I had four done; yes, four metal objects were jammed into my arm. I was really scared, but feel that I was a trooper. I was so good that the nurse gave me apple juice and a lollipop when I was done. Those, along with the Looney Toons band-aids, helped me through the rough times. :) It will be all worth it once I am in Southeast Asia visiting Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Hong Kong. I'm so excited for the trip!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Ballet West

Austin is the sweetest guy! For Christmas my parents gave me a dress that I absolutely love, but didn't know what to wear it to. I felt that it was too nice for church, but didn't know what to wear it to. I mentioned it to Austin and he said something about going to a ballet or an opera. On our six month "anniversary" he took me to see Ballet West perform at Capitol Theatre.
When I was younger I drove past a sign in San Diego for a ballet and developed a fantasy-like desire to go to a ballet. I think I liked the thought of "going" to a ballet, not so much actually sitting through one. When Austin and I were in our seats I realized this and got a little worried, but ended up absolutely loving it!! I knew he took me because I had mentioned wanting to see one before, but wanted to know if he enjoyed it too. When I asked him, he said he enjoys stuff like that too. Not many guys are into that stuff and willing to take you to it. He may just be a keeper. ;)

I used my professional photography skills to take this shot. I got really brave and asked a stranger to take the lower one so the dress could be seen.