Sunday, July 24, 2011

In New York, Concrete Jungles Where Dreams Are Made Of

I considered putting our whole trip in one post, but that seemed way too overwhelming to pick the key points from the trip.  I enjoyed parts of each day and want to document all of it.  I hesitated, worrying that all (3...4...) the people who read this blog would get board of it, but then I remembered it is MY blog and it is for storing my memories.  So, here is the first of several NYC posts. :)

 Day 1 of New York City:
We arrived Wednesday night and took a taxi into Manhatten to Lynne's gorgeous appartment (seriously, it was decorated as if staged for a magazine shoot) in Midtown, right by the NY Public Library--great location.  We chatted for a bit, the hit the sack to rest up for our busy day ahead.

Thursday morning we got up and rush across the island for the circle line tour.  I absolutely loved it--possibly one of my favorite parts of the trips.  We went on a boat that took us around the whole island.  I would have rather been nowhere than on the water at this point, as temperatures were over 100*.  I slipped into the restroom to take off my undershirt/camisole...way too hot for that. So, excuse my slight immodesty. It was a great tour because we learned about the layout of the island, enjoyed some much needed Vitamin D, and cruised past Lady Liberty herself.  

We spent the afternoon in the financial district, with a pit stop at Grand Central.  We saw Wall Street, Ground Zero, Battery Park, etc.  We waited around until the stock market closed and people watched as all the bankers left for home.  There were swarms of them.  It was a sight to see.

We stopped by the apartment briefly, then headed to Salute, an amazing Italian restaurant just up the street.  Colby convinced me to try Calamari for the first time.  Not so bad.  Interestling texture though and caused all kinds of weird thought in my head about the creatures of the deep seas.

All in all, we really enjoyed day 1, and needless to say, slept very well that night.

Here are some photos from the day:

On the Circle Line Tour making our way up the East River

Wall Street and the Financial District

Ground Zero

Park on the banks of the Hudson River

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Just returned from one of my favorite places, St. Anthony, Idaho.  It was a much needed vacation.  i loved taking Colby to see where I spent many summer vacations and being able to spend time with my family (and take a quick trip on over to Wyoming to see Colby's family).

We usually spend most of our time playing in the river be it jumping off the city bridge, floating through the channel or playing at the sandbar.  Due to extremely high water, we had minimal time in the river, but easily found other activities to keep us entertained.  Between games, eating, yard work chatting and river time, we had a perfect week.  Here is a glimpse of what we did all week.

raft the Teton river

$5 tickets for the HP midnight showing at the St. Anthony Roxy Theatre

 Floating from the Del Rio down the Snake

Mexi-Train (other days were filled with Settlers and Carcassonne)

 Yard work, a given when staying at the family house--we redid the back terrace

Banana Hot Fudge Shakes and Caramel Malts from Falls Drug

Overflowing Channel--took a raincheck on this activity this year

Breathtaking Moon each night

a little farm work in Wyoming
A visit to the cemetery to see Kelly's headstone

"Is this one fair game"--Colby hoping for the bow hat.

The nearly complete terrace

Hanging out in the yard

Post float down to the sandbar and over the orange netting

Ultimate Croquet
Family Photo

'Til next time...

missing you all already!