Sunday, June 10, 2012


Change -- the only thing constant in life.

Over the past couple months and heading into the coming months, if there was one word to describe our life it would easily be "change."

Here are our big recent changes:

  • Apply to grad school
  • Find out we are pregnant
  • Be accepted to and decide to attend BYU's MBA program this fall
  • Be accepted to and decide to attend UCLA this fall rather than BYU
  • List our first home and have it under contract within 14 days of listing
  • ever-changing body shape--comes with the pregnancy apparently--I am learning that just because something fir a week ago, doesn't mean it will fit today


  • Pack our home
  • Move to California
  • find a place to live in LA
  • Prepare for baby to come
  • Have a baby
  • Colby start school
  • ...and I am sure the list will continue to go on and on

They have been good, but stressful, changes and we are so grateful for how things are working out for us.  While our life isn't perfect, so many things have just fallen into place and we are grateful for each of those blessings.

We were really looking forward to heading back to Provo and being with several siblings, but after much prayer and consideration, we feel LA is the best place for us. It has been a tough decision, but now that it has been made, we couldn't be more excited (and terrified...ah) about our upcoming adventure.

29 weeks, and still growing