Sunday, February 17, 2008

Several of the Tibbitts cousins took a break from Utah and went to Hemet for Presidents' Day Weekend. It was so nice to take a break and forget all about school. We played outside, went to the beach, sat in the jacuzzi and ate lots of food. It was such a fun weekend!

It was fun for me to be able to bring Colby along. This was his first trip to California. With the trip came many other firsts for him: In-n-Out, seeing the ocean (besides flying over it), touching the Pacific, picking citrus fruit from a tree, etc.

The cousins at the beach. Love this picture!

Colby and me at Oceanside

Some of the guys wanted to show their manliness and run out into the ocean. I thought it just showed their ignorance of the freezing air and water. It made for a good laugh.

Colby and I were able to squeeze in a game of tennis.

Everyone (except Caitlin, Chad and Sarah) before we began our journey back to Provo. I think we were all sad to leave behind such sunny, warm weather. PS, please take note of Mitch and Adam's precious hand holding in the front.

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Alisa said...

i got your note on my blog...i'm totally checking up on your blog from now on, so i better see some good posts!!! ha ha...just kidding. cute pictures!! i LOVE the picture of all the cousins at the beach. and i did notice adam and mitch sharing the love!!!