Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have some great past times of dressing up for high school dances, football games, "super cute sunday", 80's roller skating at BYU and many nights in the dorms. I am glad I can force Colby into having fun dressing up as well.

He actually is the one who protested against being costume repeater. And of course I couldn't say no (also couldn't commit to having a new costume ready in 20 minutes to be on time to the party, so we were fashionably late). And, if it wasn't for Colby and his brilliant ideas, I would have been swimming in a size 14 pirate dress, but instead I wore it with staples down the inside so it wouldn't hang off me. Pretty ingenious idea. He probably just saw me heading for the sewing box and knew that would take waaaayyyy toooo long so had to come up with an idea to stop me quick!

{disco dancers at the church trunk-or-treat}

{pirates for a halloween party}

{had to throw this pirate picture in to show Colby's classy earing. I had to remove it before he fell asleep...he had forgotten about it}

the best part---each of these 4 costumes were found at the Wal-Mart Associate/sample store for 50 cents each!!


Kara and Kevin said...

Looks like you had a great Halloween. We were pirates this year too but I think you have better costumes!! Super Cute!!

Nate said...

I personally missed seeing the teddy bear costume this year. Good talking to you man, we miss hanging out with you guys.

M.C. said...

I second Nate's comment. I don't think you'll ever top the teddy bear costume! But you guys did look great. 50 cents? That's incredible.

Anonymous said...

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