Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Merry Christmas

This Christmas was a little different for Colby and me in that we spent it in Arkansas, just the two of us. I was a little unsure about the idea at first, but after looking at plane tickets a while back to visit Wyoming for the holiday, I decided Arkansas would be just great. And really, it was. Actually, it was more than great. We spent Christmas Eve with some of our favorite people in Arkansas and have an afternoon/evening with food, games, conversation and even a little nativity by the kids and Colby. We left the party and headed home to a very quiet home and loved it. After watching movies and playing games opening Christmas PJs (thanks Mom and Dad), we went to crawl into bed around 12:00. I went to lock the front door and saw SNOW outside. I opened the door and could not believe my eyes. We were having a white Christmas. To most, including Colby, this was nothing noteworthy, but to me, this was bliss. It is my first White Christmas (that I can remember)!

Santa/Colby was very good to me this year. I have been drooling over several photography sites since beginning to plan our wedding 2 years ago and have really been wanting to have a nice camera of my own to see what I could do with one. Sensing my desire to have my own hobby, Colby got me a Canon t1i and I could not be happier with it! I had been wanting this for some time and Colby made it very clear that I would not be getting one for Christmas. I was prepared to not get it--until every gift I opened was camera related--HC memory cards, tripod, SLR camera case, etc. But, I came to the end of my pile and there was no camera. I was slightly confused until Colby dragged (almost literally) me into the bedroom to make the bed and I saw it sitting on the bed. I started to cry. I love it and can't wait to learn everything about it! I know Christmas is not all about gifts, but this made for a great day. I am grateful for a great husband who understands me and supports me in my new hobby.

After gifts, we had a Jergensen traditional Christmas breakfast, omelets! They were delicious and accompanied by a phone call from Mitch in France. We wrapped the afternoon up with a trip to the theater to see Sherlock Holmes.

Christmas was wonderful being here in Arkansas. We missed our families but luckily get to see both families shortly before and after Christmas. Thanks everyone for helping make our Christmas wonderful.

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Megan and Mike said...

is that your gorgeous new kitchen? I LOVE IT GIRL!!!

Liz said...

katie, i got a nikon d5000. i think it is the same as yours, just as the nikon. i love it! we'll have to compare notes as we learn more about them! have fun with it!

Brittany H said...

I'm so glad you had a white Christmas! Have fun with the camera...that is an awesome gift! I'm also glad you got to visit both families. That makes the holidays so much more fun!