Saturday, June 5, 2010

One Man's Junk is another [Wo]man's Treasure

Found this two weeks ago at our neighborhood garage sale. It was in sad, sad, shape. But for a dollar, I figured it was something I could attempt to pull the life back out of. Before I started, Colby was convinced this would be for sale in our yard at the next neighborhood garage sale. I think he sees otherwise now.

Whacha think?



the color is a little different than I would normally do, but I wanted to try something that would stand out.


AaReAn said...

oh gosh love this little dime piece! :-) If you find another could you send it out to me?!? haha i got the cardigan from nordstroms. They had white, gray, and I think black or blue?!?! it was so comfy but a little expensive, so I just wore it for the pic and took it back. is that bad?!? oh well.

Kayla said...

katie! so cute! i just love that!

Aaron and Kalle said...

Great job Katie. What a great dollar purchase.

The Stephens Family said...

this is amazing! Go Katie! Kyle and I love buying furniture from garage/yard sales and fixing it up! It is so fun and such an accomplishment :)

Amy said...

Katie I am so so impressed!!It looks GREAT!

Jessi said...

AHH I love that you did that! This is so Indie of you!