Tuesday, January 4, 2011

photography blog update!

I was able to take more newborn photos the weekend before Christmas and finally got them edited.  As I went to post them I decided to make some changes to the look of my photography blog while testing out Adobe Illustrator, my Christmas gift from Colby!!  I would love you all (I guess I am assuming people actually still read this blog even though I have slacked in posting...maybe that's a bad assumption...if you are reading, you will have to let me know) to head over and check it out.  I am still learning, but loving exploring the art of photography.


M.C. Sommers said...

I LOVE your new design -- especially the colors. And you are a fabulous photographer! I think it's awesome how you are trying to build your business. I have been trying to get better with our camera, but it gets old taking pictures of Nate and random things around our house ;)

Julie said...

I check your blog, because I love your parents, and this is a link to them. Your photography blog is BEAUTIFUL!! I love it. My daughter Melissa is a photographer as well.