Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Weekends

Two of the many reasons I love early spring weekends:

1) I get to eat homemade ice cream with my favorite person on our front porch during sunset.

2) My containers are filled with beautiful plants rather than old dirt from last season. Hallelujah.


Brittney said...

Looks like Colby was enjoying a little light reading too (gmat prep is super exciting). :)

B-Rad said...

Good luck on your GMAT!

Nicole and Preston said...

looks so pretty! and we would always love a visit from you! any weekend you are free you are more then welcome here! maybe one day we will make it up to your place too!

miss you katie! xoxo

ps. your braces look great! :) your dad would be so proud.

Briawna said...

blech! Don't love the GMAT! But good thing you have those flowers, sunsets, and ice cream to sweeten the day. Too cute.