Sunday, July 17, 2011


Just returned from one of my favorite places, St. Anthony, Idaho.  It was a much needed vacation.  i loved taking Colby to see where I spent many summer vacations and being able to spend time with my family (and take a quick trip on over to Wyoming to see Colby's family).

We usually spend most of our time playing in the river be it jumping off the city bridge, floating through the channel or playing at the sandbar.  Due to extremely high water, we had minimal time in the river, but easily found other activities to keep us entertained.  Between games, eating, yard work chatting and river time, we had a perfect week.  Here is a glimpse of what we did all week.

raft the Teton river

$5 tickets for the HP midnight showing at the St. Anthony Roxy Theatre

 Floating from the Del Rio down the Snake

Mexi-Train (other days were filled with Settlers and Carcassonne)

 Yard work, a given when staying at the family house--we redid the back terrace

Banana Hot Fudge Shakes and Caramel Malts from Falls Drug

Overflowing Channel--took a raincheck on this activity this year

Breathtaking Moon each night

a little farm work in Wyoming
A visit to the cemetery to see Kelly's headstone

"Is this one fair game"--Colby hoping for the bow hat.

The nearly complete terrace

Hanging out in the yard

Post float down to the sandbar and over the orange netting

Ultimate Croquet
Family Photo

'Til next time...

missing you all already!


Aaron and Kalle said...

Thanks for putting the pictures on. I enjoyed reading your letter, but wanted to see the pictures. Just so you know we have never been waiting for waters to receed this late in the summer. I miss the summer moon and sunsets from Idaho. Thanks Katie!

Julie said...

I miss your parents!! Tell them hello for me, and thanks for letting me keep up with them through your blog. Looks like an amazing trip.

Lindsey said...

Great looking family! OH! Maybe I'm not allowed to say that about my own family!!! How about "Great blog of a great week!" Thanks kids! Thanks for blogging this, Katie!!! Mom -- not Lindsey like it says!