Saturday, October 27, 2012


I have always thought babies look adorable in Halloween costumes and have looked forward to the day I had a baby to dress up. The reality though is its a lot of work! When it turned Halloween time, I had no clue what I was going to dress Hudson as, if anything. Thankfully, Sarah saved the day when I was in Hemet and let me borrow her pea pod costume. I was going to be lazy and have Colby and me go sans costumes, but the night before our party, I came up with simple, coordinating costumes for Colby and me.

Hudson and I headed up to the institute building alone and Colby was going to meet us after school things were done. Well Hudson fell asleep on the way up, so was without costume and Colby showed up late and wasn't sure it was worth it to go grab his costume. My dreams were forever shattered. But then Hudson woke up, I fed him and Colby happily obliged to wear his costume and help get Hudson in his. Hudson, having had shots earlier was kinda pouty. He looked so sad in all the pictures, but really was quite indifferent to the whole event. Clearly a Halloween for him to remember. :)

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