Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 1 with two

It has been so great having help ever since Hallie's birth.  Colby has been home since her birth and both my parents were here for the first week.  My mom cooked for the first week, and the ward has been bringing wonderful meals since. I really have been able to take it easy and focus on taking care of Hallie and myself.  Well that all changes today.  Colby headed back to work and left me alone with the kids.  What?! KIDS? This is so weird to me.  But, I woke up today knowing I could do this.  To be honest, having 2 has actually been easier on me than I anticipated, and I think that is a combination of me having horribly low expectations, and having so much help.  So with the help gone, I knew things could change quick! That being said, I have to be able to do this, and I better start off with a good attitude.

I really felt that the best things for me to do today was get out of the house.  I figured it would seem like a long day for Hudson and I if we were here all day alone.  Hallie still sleeps a lot, so running an errand in the morning seemed like the perfect thing.  Colby helped get hudson breakfast and I took care of Hallie and getting things ready.  Colby left for work, and by 9:30 I was in the car ready to go with both kids.  We ran to a few stores at the Westfield mall, with the idea of finding a blessing dress for Hallie and new shoes for Hudson's growing feet.  I am happy to say we found both and both kids were angels the whole time.  Hallie slept and Hudson was such a joy.  It was my first time with both kids in the new double stroller and Hudson was quite satisfied to stay in it.  I think I had angels with me today! Hallie started crying on the drive home, which actually was perfect, because I could then nurse her once we got home while Hudson played, then get lunch for Hudson and me.  We ate lunch together and chatted about our day and sang fun little songs.  We sang "if you're happy and you know it…," "Ants go Marching" and "Old MacDonald."  Hudson thought I was a pretty cool Mom.  I must admit, now that I have Hallie, I find myself trying to make an extra effort to make life fun for Hudson.  It really has been a good thing.

I was nervous about Hudson's nap time because he hasn't been going down for me, but with a few extra songs, he settled down and is now asleep.  Hallelujah! I know the day isn't over and it's only day 1, but I am writing this down now because it has been good.  I may need to be able to read this in 2 hours, 2 weeks or 2 years to know I CAN DO THIS!

Well, at least one of them was happy. :)

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