Friday, February 27, 2015

Hallie is 5 months

Hallie girl is growing so much each month!  Time needs to stop, or at least slow down so I can take every  moment in better.  I feel like time just flies, and with 2 kids I don't get the time with Hallie I would like.  She is such a perfect little girl and for the most part just goes with the flow.

The most memorable part of this past month would be the slight bump in the road with her weight gain, which led to more frequent eating with supplemental formal after each nursing, but at her weight check last week we saw improvemen, gaining almost 2 pounds in a month!

Here are her 5 month stats:
weight: 13 lbs 11.5 oz
height: 26 1/4 (i think...i need to double check on that)

Here is what Hallie's been up to this past month:
  • Rolls over consistently from her stomach to her back
  • She has really discovered her hands, and it is so fun to watch. The first time I noticed it, I saw he grasping her hands in front of her face and then her eyes all if a sudden focused on them in amazement. She started moving her fingers around each other and just watched in awe. I love watching babies do things like this and seeing them learn and discover. 
  • She has the best smile and loves to show it off to whomever will smile at her. 
  • She has become quite chatty and giggly, especially when you are in the room with her.
  • Her baths are getting so fun. She's turned into quite the kicker/splasher.
  • With the discovery of her hands, she has also started to realize that she can play with toys.  She loves her o-ball, playmat with hanging toys, and her jungle exersaucer toy (stationary bouncer with toys, lights and sounds).
  • She has mastered the jumper in the matter of a week and loves spending our dinnertime jumping in it. 
  • Still loves her pacifier and basically will not sleep without it or being swaddled really tightly.
  • We took a road trip to Hemet while Colby headed on a 2 week European business trip and loved our time there.  Hallie did great on the trip down with the exception of she took 2 40 minute naps on the whole 8 hour journey. The return trip was a different story.  We had Lindsey to drive back with us as Colby was flying into San Jose, and Hallie slept a little and cried a lot.  I felt bad for her but wasn't sure what to do.  She is not the typical baby who will fall right asleep in the car.  I think because I have been so strict with her napping in her crib she struggles to sleep elsewhere.  However, its a price I am willing to pay. :)
  • With news of potentially bad weight gain at her last doc appt, we have been back to a 3 hr eating schedule (we were close to 4) and letting her eat in the night. It kind if kills me, because she was totally sleeping through the night for several weeks around Christmas. If she woke in the night, I'd give her the pacifier and she'd fall right back to sleep, but now I nurse her. She has woken up every night since that appt. in addition to night feelings, she gets 1-2 ounces of total comfort (partially broken down) formula after each nursing. Thankfully when we took her in to weigh a month after her check-up (last week), things had improved, so we can start working back toward sleeping through the night and having a 4 hour schedule.

For my records...her schedule pre bad-weight-gain pediatrician then went back to a 3 hr schedule.

Schedule (following the EASY method)
E 7:30
Sleep 9-11:30
Eat 11:30
Sleep 1:30-3:30
Eat 3:30
Sleep 5-6:30
Eat 6:30
Catnap7:30 (40 min)
Eat/bed 9:00
Dreamfeed 11:30

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