Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hudson--3 years old!

obsessions: Jake and the Neverland Pirates, vehicles, watching movies
food: loves steak and salmon, chicken nuggetts, and rice & raisins for breakfast. Prefers milk over water.

"10 of them" is a phrase we hear very often, and basically means "a whoooooole lot" in Hudson terms.

We finally have figured out the trick to brushing Hudson's teeth.  It has been a battle.  We now count his teeth as we brush, which leads to 10 long seconds of brushing on the top, and 10 on the bottom, with spitting in between.  His favorite is to request the counting in Spanish, german, english or french...the four languages between Colby and me that we can count to ten in. ;)

He loves playing hide and seek. Typically he hides in the same couple places: on his bed under a pillow/blanket, in the living room behind our floor lamp, behind all the decorative pillows on either the master or guest bed, or under the side table in the living room.  They are all excellent{ly visible} hiding spots. Often he will hide and we will find him, then he will tell us to find him again and simply pull the blanket back over his face.

Naps have been gone since July, and he now has quiet time during Hallie's afternoon nap...1:30-3:30. Some days it's great, other days its a complete failure.  He is supposed to be in his room either reading or playing quietly with his toys.

Speaks very well, with the exception of his "L" and an occasional "th" sound.  My favorite speech impaired words he says are "bwanquet" (blanket) and "Kank you"

He is very well-mannered and says "thank you" so often.  Often he will say "thank you" over and over until you acknowledge him and reply with "you're welcome."

Knows his ABCs and sounds each letter makes. Still not familiar with lowercase though. 

Has a great imagination and it's fun to listen to him play alone or with Hallie and speak his imagination. 

Loves watching TV and movies, which is good and bad. If I let him, I think he'd watch from when he woke up to when he goes to sleep. His favorite tv show has changed from Thomas to dinosaur train to most recently Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Colby purchased several of the Classic Disney DVDs and Hudson has enjoyed watching them. The ones he requests most (and some of the few he's seen more than once) are Toy Story, Lion King and Little Mermaid (Ariel as he calls it) 

Finally poops on the toilet (3 yrs 1 month)   

Very talkative and excited about life in general. From the minute he wakes up he's talking and entergetic. He doesn't need time to "warm up" in the morning. 

He has somehow developed a morning routine of "driving away" with Dad. He climbs into the passenger seat and buckles himself in. Colby drives one house down or to the stop sign (we are two homes from the corncer) and I get him. I open the door and Hudson unbuckled himself, tells dad to have a good day my that he loves him, and always points out that "there's still dirt on the sidewalk", and now adds "but they cleaned it up now." (Referring to our neighbor who had piled dirt on the sidewalk for about a month as they slowly.pit in sprinklers. It's kind of a joke now, and we think Hudson actually understands that and continues his line for comedic effect.

We sure love our growing boy and can't imagine life without him. xo!

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