Friday, June 1, 2007

Ballet West

Austin is the sweetest guy! For Christmas my parents gave me a dress that I absolutely love, but didn't know what to wear it to. I felt that it was too nice for church, but didn't know what to wear it to. I mentioned it to Austin and he said something about going to a ballet or an opera. On our six month "anniversary" he took me to see Ballet West perform at Capitol Theatre.
When I was younger I drove past a sign in San Diego for a ballet and developed a fantasy-like desire to go to a ballet. I think I liked the thought of "going" to a ballet, not so much actually sitting through one. When Austin and I were in our seats I realized this and got a little worried, but ended up absolutely loving it!! I knew he took me because I had mentioned wanting to see one before, but wanted to know if he enjoyed it too. When I asked him, he said he enjoys stuff like that too. Not many guys are into that stuff and willing to take you to it. He may just be a keeper. ;)

I used my professional photography skills to take this shot. I got really brave and asked a stranger to take the lower one so the dress could be seen.


Amy said...

Katie- it's your long lost cousin amy! I LOVE the dres. What a nice guy to take you to the ballet so you could wear your dress! And he liked it too!!

marc & michelle said...

Okay...I'm a big fan of the dress! It is adorable Katie! I love it! As for Austin taking you to the ballet...he definitely wins some big points for that!

Kevin & Kara said...

Katie- Your pictures are so cute. I bet you are glad to have the shots over with. Like you said, it will be worth it when you are on your vacation. I didn't know you were dating someone for that long. How exciting-he sounds like a great guy!

Opal said...

Good post.