Sunday, June 10, 2007


Last Monday I went into the BYU Health Center to get several shots. Before I am able to go with my parents to pick up Nathan from his mission, I had to get my vaccinations. I had four done; yes, four metal objects were jammed into my arm. I was really scared, but feel that I was a trooper. I was so good that the nurse gave me apple juice and a lollipop when I was done. Those, along with the Looney Toons band-aids, helped me through the rough times. :) It will be all worth it once I am in Southeast Asia visiting Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Hong Kong. I'm so excited for the trip!


Ryan said...

Katie, as soon as I got your text telling me that you had posted not just one, but THREE new blogs I had to run and check it out. WOW!!! You are alive and kicking--and apparently you've been lifting some L-B-S's along the way (I gathered that from the tent over the head routine)!! Looks like you are having fun these days "yeah-yuh" (those quotation marks mean that I am quoting you!). -cousin ryan

Amy said...

You've got to LOVE the byu health center! I've had some odd experiences there! I feel for you with the shot thing!! We got so many so we could move to brazil. No fun!!! Have a great trip picking up Nathan. That's so exciting he comes home so soon.

marc & michelle said...

I have a love/hate relationship with that BYU Health center, so I am glad that everything went so smoothly for you! You're going to love picking Nathan will Definitely be worth it!