Friday, April 4, 2008

Star Valley, Wyoming

For a few months Colby and I have been planning on going to Wyoming for his Grandpa's 90th birthday celebration. Lucky for me, his Grandpa lives just down the street from Colby's home, so I got to take a weekend trip to Colby's house. We had so much fun. I hated when it came to an end. I feel like I was able to learn so much more about Colby by being with him at his home with his family. I must admit, being on a dairy farm in Star Valley Wyoming was a little different than what I am used to, but I quickly learned to love it. Colby took me snowmobiling one morning which was so much fun. We went back in the mountains and the scenery was absolutely exhilarating. Of course the snowmobiling was fun too!

One of the favorite parts of the weekend was when Colby took me out to show me the farm. First I saw the cows being milked...much different than what I had expected. We then went out and saw all of the newborn cows that were in individual stalls. At the end of the stalls was an open area where a 2 day old baby cow was. I got to feed it fresh milk out of a bottle. It was so adorable. After the milk was gone, the calf still wanted more. She followed me around for a few minutes head butting me, trying to get more milk. I had to laugh. I really didn't know what to do, and of course Colby had snuck away so he could see what I would do about this. I looked up to see Colby and his dad outside the gate just smiling and laughing at me trying to run away from a 2 day old cow. goodness. We then went on to see more cows, then Colby showed me the tractor. I couldn't help but think of being at the farm in Idaho and seeing how excited my Dad got with all this kinda of stuff. Colby was just like it. I still think it is funny that I had known Colby for several months before I even knew he grew up on a dairy farm; he just doesn't come across as the typical "dairy farmer" kind of guy. (this was before we started dating, before we actually really got to know each other...). After the tour we headed in and just relaxed for the evening. We were both so exhausted. I never would have thought snowmobiling would wear someone out so much!

Sunday we got up and went to church. His two brothers and sister-in-laws had to head home early, so it was just Colby, his parents and me. It was fun to be with just them and of course I learned so much more about Colby. Somehow I ended up having about an hour long conversation with just his parents while Colby fell asleep on the couch in the other room. I was able to learn things about Colby that he never would have come out and said on his own. I have found that I really am dating an amazing guy. Thanks Colby for everything!

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Of course I have tons more (because I am obsessed with documenting EVERYTHING with my camera) but I will spare you. :)

Dont' worry...we wore helmets :)

This is one of the hill climbs Colby took me on. This picture doesn't really give it justice. I thought I was going to fly over the handle bars because the mountain was so steep. It reminded me of being at the top of the really steep slides at a water park. I think Colby enjoyed the steepness much more than I did.

Here we are in the milking room. They have quite a production going there. PS check out the amazing suit I am wearing. Brittany, Colby's sister-in-law was given this suit by a friend when she married into the family. She told me it was probably her favorite wedding gift. She is pregnant, so I got to wear it to protect my clothes from the wonders of a dairy farm.

This is me feeding the baby cow. So cute!

The cows

Us at the tractor

Look closely...yes, 3 feet of snow, and it had melted a lot!


marc, michelle and Jackson said...

How fun! SO I've seen pictures of this colby guy, but have yet to actually meet him in person. Glad to hear that you are happy and having fun!

Aaron & Kalle said...

Hi Katie, I am so glad you left a comment on my blog. Now I will be a regular stalker of yours. Star Valley WY. That is sure a long way from Hemet CA. May I also say a bit colder, even colder than Rexburg. It is fun to learn where things come from. When I was little my Dad milked cows, and once in a while I would go see them. Also my Grandpa use to have milk cows, so I would help him. You know the way a 5 year old does, watching. Now we just have to get Mitch and Nathan into the blogging world.

Kevin & Kara said...

YEAHH!!! What cute posts. I love the updates. Colby looks like a great guy! How fun! Keep the posts coming!! You are so beautiful and cute!

Anonymous said...
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