Friday, December 5, 2008

4 Things...

4 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. purchasing ankle cut socks to replace all the tall socks!
2. Riding my bike to school early with a helmet (I was a safe person...) then doing my hair in the bathroom with tons of butterfly clips. My helmet would have messed up the do.
3. Playing the flute in the Dartmouth Middle School Band.
4. Wearing Braces

4 things on my list to do today:
1. Call the CEO of TWG to discuss my recent job offer
2. Work on my market research final project
3. Write 15 pages of personal goals for my personal finance class
4. Clean our apartment

4 Things I love about my husband:
1. He loves me no matter what!
2. He is great at helping out with chores at home. I think his favorite is hanging up the towels that I sometimes leave on the floor... ;)
3. He is brillant, which I have learned more this semester as I have had two classes with him.
4. He has an amazing testimony!
5. (ok, I couldn't stop at 4...) He has an AMAZING personality and can carry on a conversation with anyone. For me, that is amazing. He is such a people person.

4 Jobs I have had:
1. Sterilizing orthodontic instruments at my Dad's ortho office. Somehow I thought this was the coolest thing when I was 12. I have since learned better.
2. Office receptionist at the Ortho office
3. Manager/Secretary at Do it Right Construction
4. Sales Associate at Gap

4 movies I have seen more than once:
1. August Rush
2. Legally Blonde
3. The Notebook
4. Step Up

4 Places I have lived:
1. Richmond, Virginia
2. Hartford, Connecticut
3. Rochester, New York
4. Hemet, California
5. Provo, Utah
6. soon to be Arkansas or Texas
(ok, that was more than 4)

4 Places I have visited:
1. Southeast Asia (Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong)
2. Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain, France, England)
3. Mexico (Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Matzatlan, Cabo San Lucas)
4. States (Alaska, New York, Idaho, Wyoming, DC...)

4 T.V. Shows I watch:
1. anything on The Food Network
2. House
3. The Office
4. recently I have been watching animal planet and discovery channel with Colby

4 Things you may not know about me:
1. I am (mildly) allergic to some fruit: apples, peaches, pear, plum, nectarines,
2. I GRADUATE from BYU in 2 WEEKS!
3. I hate Spiders. If I see a scary looking spider or hear a spider story, it is almost guarenteed that I will have nightmares about them that night.
4. I love pumpkin seeds. Colby and I carved pumpkins the day after halloween just so I could cook the seeds. Store bought ones don't usually do it for me.

4 People I tag: Drew Rucker, Jessica Brothers, MC Sommers, Jessi Blackham (and anyone else who wants to do this!)

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