Friday, December 5, 2008

Job offers

So apparently my interview in Texas went well yesterday. While I was on the plane heading home I got a call from the CEO of Texas Wasatch Group extending me an offer!! Exciting! If we take that offer we will move to the Dallas area and begin work the beginning of February.

Well, Colby also has an offer with Walmart's finance department in Bettonville, Arkansas, Walmart's headquarters. I think we would both rather be in Texas than Arkansas, but we have to decide which job is better for us. Wish us luck! Any comments/suggestions/advice/networking opportunities are greatly appreciated!


Nicole and Preston said...

hey katie! So I read that you might be moving to Texas and I got really excited!!
In case you are looking for housing, Prestons dad owns a ton of apartment complexes in Dallas, Fort Worth, and all over the place. If you are interested, i could give you guys some info on some great places to live! We will be moving into one of the apartments as soon as we graduate! Let me know... :)

Aaron & Drew Rucker said...

Random...My parents are moving to Dallas and that's more than likely where Aaron and I will move after dental school. My dad works there now and commutes everyweek. I've heard only but good things. On the other hand, I drove through Arkansas when I was driving out here and it was surprisingly really beautiful. With job offers aside, though, I think Dallas would be a much better place to live...good luck, that's a tricky decision you guys have to make.

M.C. said...

That is so exciting for the both of you!!! I think Texas sounds like more fun than Arkansas, but since I've never been to Arkansas, that's not really valid advice!!!

M.C. said...

Also, might be a little early to consider this, but I have friends in Texas and you can buy really nice houses for really cheap there :)