Friday, January 30, 2009

For those of you who didn't find it in the headlines of your local paper (Grandma in California called to let me know good ol' Arkansas was on the front page...) we are in an ICE STORM!! Yep. A nice, friendly welcome to the natural state, Arkansas.

Luckily, Colby and I live in one of the few areas with electricity still on. {thank goodness} And, because my Dad convinced me 4 years ago I would need a four wheel drive car to get around Utah, we are managing the roads much better than the other cars (when we decide we can't sit around home any longer). We took a little drive in the area behind us the other day to see the ice damage {and beauty} and took some great shots. It was one of those days though that I wish I had a spectacualr camera to share the beauty of the ice storm. Of course I haven't uploaded my semi-decent photos yet, so you will have to check back later for those, and all the other posts I am still behind on. Oops. (Oh, and because of the weather, our internet installation will be pushed back even further. pshh.)

But, I shouldn't complain. While others are sitting in their home freezing or have opted to go fork out the money to stay in hotels, I get to sit at home cuddled up on my couch eating homemade bread and watching a movie with Colby, because WalMart cancelled work for 3 days. :) Lucky me.

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