Sunday, January 25, 2009

Parents came to visit

My parents came to visit a week after we moved in. They were headed to Cancun for a business trip and decided to swing up to Arkansas on their way. They were only here for 2 days, and we made every minute count.

We drove out to Beaver Lake and had a small picnic in the car. It was too cold to eat it outside. The lake is huge and we can tell it will be absolutely breathtaking once all the trees turn green.

When Lindsey was born I made her a blanket just like this one. Now, eleven years later, it is in shreds but she still sleeps with it nightly. She wanted a new one so Mom brought the stuff and we made one for her together. It was great because it gave me a project to learn how to use my new sewing machine with!
Colby was glad to have Dad there so he could finally hang our new TV (our little graduation gift to ourselves). Dad also convinced me that Colby was right...we really do need a drill. So, after a short trip to Home Depot together, they came back with a new drill and sawzall. Colby was a happy camper.
And of course, being in wally-world, we had to take a small trip to where Walmart all began.

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Julie said...

How fun to see pictures of you parents! I wish you could convince your Mom to keep her blog updated!!! You two are so cute and look super happy. Good luck with your new adventure in Arkansas!!