Wednesday, February 11, 2009

still employed

We had quite a scare in our little area yesterday when Wal-Mart announced it is cutting 700-800 jobs from its headquarters. Luckily, Colby is still safe and has been told he shouldn't worry about being let go. Colby let me know that the Wal-Mart situation is unfortunate, because they planned these current cuts a year ago when they began reorganizing some of the depatments. It just happened to fall in a time when the whole business world is cutting jobs. Thankfully many of the jobs being cut from the home office are being transferred to work with the rest of the apparel office that was moved to New York a year ago.

Well, that's all. Colby is still employed (and so am Gap) and I continue to look for a job I can use my degree in! Ha. I don't think folding jeans is using much of the marketing education I received.


M.C. said...

I'm so happy! Nate told me about the layoffs and we were worried about you guys... kinda. We figured they wouldn't let Colby go ;) And working at the Gap sounds fun! At least you get a discount!

taylor and laney said...

You can chunk fold like the best of them. Didn't they teach you multiple ways of sizing at the Y? It sounds like you're in the perfect place to use your degree.

Jack and Jan said...

I am glad you guys still work. this economy is so scary!.........haha and yes, you were definitely part of my best friend group lol... i miss helping you plan your wedding. i am still so depressed that i couldn't come out for it!.. but wedding stuff is kind of a touchy subject lately. I haven't got to plan anything yet :(.. but yes we need to catch up because we miss you!