Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Dinner

Since we don't know all the good restaurants in the area and because we didn't want to be surrounded by a 100 others people eating on valentine's day, I made a nice 4 course Italian dinner for us at home. It was SO much fun to prepare but took a lot of time--But, so worth it. If I may say so myself, it all turned out fabulously! {MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE WONDERFUL DESSERT AT THE BOTTOM!!}

family favorite, grape-lemonade, with a heart-shaped strawberry

Balsamic bruschetta over toasted french bread

Homemade tomato basil soup
(this took forever but was so rich and tasty!)

Tomato, Olive and Artichoke with Angel Hair

Chocolate covered Strawberries

(pre-dessert, dessert)

Chocolate bowls with moist cake,
White Chocolate Mousse Drizzle and White Chocolate and Almond Cream


ok, these little desserts were so fun to make! I dipped balloons in melted chocolate, let them sit for a day, then popped the balloon. The trick was figuring out just the right amount of air to put in the balloon. When I didn't have enough air in them, they popped while in the chocolate sending chocolate ALL OVER my kitchen.


Alisa said...

oh my gosh! i'm so impressed!! Everything looks so fantastic!! What is the dessert? Did you just create it on your own, or was there a recipe you followed?!

Amy said...

wow katie. I am very impressed. I wish I had been at your table on valentine's day!! PLEASE post the recipes or at least email them to me. Everything....even the drink sounds awesome. I would love the recipes if you have them to pass on. Thanks!!!

Jack and Jan said...

wow. kat-e. you should cook for me and my future hubby. he would love it. because i would never do that lol. i am very impressed.

Megan and Mike said...

fun! I want to make those! they look sooo good! what a fun valentines day!

ynny said...

dang girl! The balloons are fantastic... you go above and beyond as a wifey :)

AaReAn said...

I am thoroughly impressed!!!!!!!! Seriously! I want that soup recipe! :-)