Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lucky Day!

As we were leaving our apartment yesterday to run errands, Colby turned on the radio. He didn't like the song, so changed it to a station we rarely listen to. The radio station was over at the grand opening of Famous Footwear where they were having a sale and giving away shopping sprees every hour. It was about 10 til, so we headed over. We showed up in time for the "grand prize" spree where the winner was given 2 minutes to run around the store and grab shoes. Sadly, we didn't win, but it was fun to watch the winner get some shoes for himself, his wife, and kids. He walked away with 12 pairs, over 800 bucks. Crazy.

Well we left and ran our errands (which included a stop the cable company because they hadn't included a discount on the bill like they should have. While there, we were given a year's "free trail" of DVR. About a $150 value. sweet!) We were getting paint at Wal-mart, but needed to run home to get a paint sample and decided to swing back by Famous Footwear for the 5:00 drawing that would happen in 10 minutes. Colby and I both entered then walked around to scope out what we would grab if we happened to win. Just as they were doing the drawing, I turned to Colby and said I thought he would win. Well, what do ya know...they called out "Colby Heiner."

SWEET! Colby won a 30 second shopping spree where he was given 30 seconds to grab as many shoes as he could. The rules were he had to grab a box, not a display shoe, and bring it to the counter, one at a time, then go grab another. He didn't have to grab the right size though, because after the time was up, they would go get the right sizes for us. It was fun to cheer him on and watch him run around the store. He grabbed me a pair and then 3 for himself. In total, we walked away with over $200 worth of shoes. I thought it was pretty nice that he grabbed the super cute heels that I had pointed out as his first selection. He then went on to get some church/work shoes, work-out/tennis shoes, then some casual pumas. So how is that for a lucky day. Not only did Colby win those shoes, we also got free DVR! Yeah-yuh!

Colby with his prize! He set these up himself for the picture. :)

(Sorry this was so long and detailed. I copied and pasted from Mitch's missionary email. Tried to give him lots of details so it's what you get as well.)


M.C. said...

That's incredible! I'm so jealous! Nate and I actually went to Famous footwear on Saturday because I need new running shoes, but I couldn't bring myself to spend the $60 on the ones I really wanted ... if only they would've been having the shopping sprees here! p.s. I hope you got your caps and gowns ordered!

Alisa said...

SWEETT!!!! How cool!!

Amy said...

oh my gosh!! this is so awesome. I have always thought it would be so cool to win a shopping spree. I'm impressed with how many shoes he got in 30 seconds!!! I can't believe he won!!!

Lindsey said...

Katie the shoes Colby got for you look like Cruella Devil shoes. :) It is a pretty cool story. Lindsey