Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring has sprung

. . . at least temporarily

Yesterday it was in the low 30s and snowing, so who knows how long the good weather will stay. We decided to take a Sunday drive and explore while the weather is fabulous. Sunny, 60 degrees and not yet humid.

Blossoming trees at our condo

One of the many old barns I am obsessed with. I made Colby drive me around to at least 4 today to take pictures.

Playing by the creek behind our place.

And the best part...

Fresh, hand-picked daffodils. They are in front of me as I type and they smell fabulous! Colby found them for me. :)


Jack and Jan said...

So jealous. While you sit and stare at those flowers, I sit here and stare at the fresh snow on the ground. grrr.

Aaron and Kalle said...

I wish that spring would come here! The Barn is beautiful. I love scenery pictures. Maybe some day we will come through the area and you can show them to us. Aaron is obsessed with old barns