Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Intermittent Springs

When we were in Wyoming, Colby took me on a hike to see this intermittent spring.  He described it and honestly, it didn't seem like it would be all that cool, but I went along with it because he was so excited to take me.  I must admit now though, that it was pretty neat to see.  This spring will be running full force, and then slowly stops completely.  The water completely runs dry.  The below picture is taken at full force, and the one below that is a wider view of the same area about 5 minutes prior--completely drained.  It was crazy cool.  So glad I went.  Besides the spring, the leaves were just beginning to change and it was beautiful! I love the Rocky mountains!


100% said...
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Anonymous said...

This looks like a great place. You will find more and more places to love there the more you go back to visit. Mom

Joana Gouveia said...

wow it looks all so beautiful and the little girl is gorgeous, so sweet. And photograph is absolutely amazing :D