Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Last weekend we were able to go spend some time in Wyoming with the Heiners to attend the funeral of Colby's Grandpa. I didn't know the man for very long, but from what I do know and have heard of him, he is a wonderful, kind man. He will be missed, but was welcomed by many on the other side.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances that brought us all together, it was so good to be all together as the Heiner family. It is actually the first time I have been with the whole family at once. It was great to spend time together and just relax. Not until i am in an area like that do I remember how much I really miss mountains. Star Valley is just beautiful.

Since we were all together, we did a little photo shoot in an attempt to get a good family photo. i am working on editing them, but here are a few sneak peaks from the day of the non-whole family shots.

more pictures to come...i gotta get to bed :)

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