Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cold Stone and a Kitchen Mixer

So what do Cold Stone and a mixer have to do with each other?  Let me explain...

Colby made Valentine's Day a wonderful night for me.  Knowing that crowds and expensive menus would not win my heart, Colby cooked the best meal for me on Valentine's day, not allowing me into the kitchen to help at all.  He made a green salad, bacon-wrapped steak medallions, baked potato and grilled pineapple. The steak was honestly the best I think I have ever had.  He had me leave the kitchen while he was "preparing dessert."  I could hear him mixing something up with the beaters and creating all sorts of noise in the kitchen.  We had just gotten a new car that day, so he asked if I would go for a drive with him while we let our food settle before dessert.  Our drive took us to Cold Stone, my favorite, where he really showed he knew me as he pulled out a gift card we had received earlier.  After all, what's the sense in paying cash if we have a gift card. :)  When I asked about the noise in the kitchen, he got a huge grin and was happy to know he had confused me.  He didn't want me to figure out our dessert surprise, so was pretending to make me dessert by letting the beaters run and hitting pans together.  Oh Colby, you are adorable.  I love that we are perfect for each other, even through all our quirky and imperfect ways.  Thanks for being my Valentine!


{ps, doesn't he look good in an apron}

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Jessi said...

I LOVE that he was just in there making noise. I can totally image him doing that for some reason!!