Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Big Apple-Day 2

After a good night's rest, we woke up and headed out for day 2, NYC.

I have always had a love for bagels and was determined to find the best bagel in the City.  Per a few recommendations, we headed to Ess-A-Bagels. This place was delicious.  I mean how could it not be--they literally put a quarter pound of cream cheese on each bagel.  His-- Everything Bagel with plain cream cheese, Hers--Cinnamon raisin with cinnamon apple cream cheese.  We split them and decided i ordered the winner.  We headed over past St. Patrick's cathedral to the Rockefeller center and went to the top.  The view was amazing.  You get a much shorter line and better view of central park here than from the Empire State Building, for those wondering...

We skipped lunch and went straight for world famous magnolia's cupcakes for dessert.  Colby won the ordering contest here--Pistachio cupcake over my dark chocolate with caramel frosting.  We went up toward the Met and stopped in central park to enjoy our cupcakes.  We hurried through the Egyptian Era, Impressionism and Modern art displays at the museum and jumped on a bus to make it to our reservation at DB Bistro.  (Are you sensing a pattern...our day revolved around food).  I ate the most expensive, but more importantly delicious, hamburger I had ever had.  Colby ordered the same thing per Lynne's recommendation.  When looking at the menu, I never would have guessed that Lynne would have ordered the burger, but after eating, I now understand.  We had started off with great breads and appetizers, and finished off with a creme brule and passion fruit sorbet dessert.  All of it was to.die.for.good.

We wrapped the night up with Mary Poppin's.  It was such a cute musical and the first experience Colby had watching one.  He really enjoyed it as well.  We were right at Time's Square and didn't want to miss the nightlife there, so wandered around like zombies before heading back and crashing for yet another wonderful good night's sleep.  Lynne had already left for Connecticut, so it was just us at her place. We will have to head over to Connecticut with her next time.


Caleb, Rebecca, and Jack said...

That looks like so much fun! We have wanted to go to new York for a while, but we are unsure of what to do and where to stay, etc. So how did you plan your trip? P.s. That burger looks amazing!

Julie said...

Such cute pictures!!! I really want one of those cupcakes about now. Mmmmmmm.