Monday, August 15, 2011

Happily Ever After

I can't believe it has been 3 years since our wedding.  I feel like it should either be 10 years, or 1, but not 3.  It seems so long ago, yet so close at the same time.

I have loved the past 3 years with Colby and all of the adventures it has brought--finishing up at BYU, driving across the country with a U-haul to a state we knew little about, moving into a new apartment far form family, starting new jobs, promotions, building a house, having visitors, jaw surgery, fun vacations, new church callings.

As we ate dinner tonight we discussed all we have been through and thought forward a few years realizing what this conversation could be in 10 years.  Grad school complete, kids in school, living who knows where and happy about it all.

Colby, I love you and am convinced I became the smartest woman in the world the day I said "yes" to you.  You are perfect--and perfect for me. Thanks for everything.  Happy Anniversary.

xoxo-always and forever


Genevieve said...

congrats girl! what's your email address?

Angelina Walker said...

Congratulations to a wonderful marriage. God is good. He sure knew what he was doing. :) And Happy Birthday to you Katie!

Michael H Garcia Davila said...

Love the photo! Absolutely beautiful!