Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My husband is the best

No. Really. I'm normally not one of those "I have the best life" bloggers, but my husband just made my night. As I prepare for two cookie exchange parties, I came to a panic mid recipe when the just-purchased-yesterday ground ginger was nowhere to be found. The hubs not only searched our house for it, he quickly put on his shoes and grabbed the keys to head out the door to the nearest Walmart. I guess he could tell it was one of those nights. To me--that equates to amazing.

And for you viewing pleasure, my flour, salt and baking powder mixture waiting for its friend ginger to join.


Rachael said...

Go Colby! :)

M.C. Sommers said...

Love it! That is the worst feeling when you realize you don't have an ingredient mid-recipe. I do it on a weekly basis. Thank goodness for awesome husbands.

Hope your cookies turned out delicious :)

jbroclayto said...

You guys are so great together :) I'm so glad we got to chat the other week and catch up a little. Sure do love you!